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Tropical Cyclone Seroja pummels Western Australia

After drenching parts of Indonesia and taking a unique track across the Timor Sea with Cyclone Odette, Tropical Cyclone Seroja lashed Western Australia with heavy rain and strong winds to start the week. Seroja strengthened into a Category 3 tropical cyclone on the Australian scale for a time early Sunday, local time. The storm packed...

Skies went dark: Historians pinpoint the very 'worst year' ever to be alive

You wake up to a dark, dreary, glum-feeling, Monday-type of morning. For the 547th consecutive day. Just 18 months prior, you were a hard-working farmer gearing up for another bountiful crop season. But then the skies went dark. From early 536 to 537, they stayed dark. Across much of eastern Europe and throughout Asia, spring...

Dog walking gear for warmer (and rainier) weather

Warmer weather is finally upon us. That means you and your pup can enjoy a nice leisurely walk again, one that is not suddenly shortened by a surprising snowfall or terrible wind chill. But spring weather means spring showers. Don’t let a little rain ruin you and your dog’s morning or evening walks – we’ve...
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