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'Extraordinary wind gusts' spark fires, power outages across Calif.

The biggest storm to hit California so far in 2021 ramped up on Tuesday, but the storm did not feature much precipitation. Instead, hurricane-force winds lashed the Golden State, causing widespread disruptions and power outages. "We've got debris flying right down the road," AccuWeather National News Reporter Bill Wadell said while in Fontana, California, on...

Flooding highlights outline of 400-year-old historic site

Sometime between 1643 and 1645, British general Oliver Cromwell’s forces gathered at the riverbanks east of Earith, a town in Cambridgeshire, England, to build what historians would call one of “the most elaborate fortifications” to have survived from the English Civil Wars. Nearly 400 years later, floodwaters highlighted the Earith Bulwark after heavy rainfall on...

Beautiful day for snowboarding quickly turned terrifying

Cracks started to race up the ridgeline releasing thousands of pounds of snow without warning. While he watched the cracks spread past him up the mountain, 25-year-old snowboarder Maurice Kervin looked back over his shoulder to see the slabs of heavy snow racing toward him from all angles at 50 to 60 mph. Within seconds,...
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