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Internationally renowned for its Sundance Film Festival, the state of Utah is home to the youngest population in the United States. The state is home to the Great Salt Lake, the largest inland lake located west of Mississippi. Utah has one of the healthiest populations in the country and one of the most literate ones too with the highest percentage of high school graduates. All in all, Utah provides for an ideal living environment for its residents.

Crime in Utah- What Do The Numbers Say?

As they say, there’s no rose without a thorn; Utah is not without its fair share of crime. Let’s take a look at a few crime statistics from Utah as reported by the FBI and Department of Public Safety, Utah.

  • A total of a 91,300 crimes were reported in 2012. 93.6% of these were property crimes and 6.3% were violent crimes.

  • Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Utah are 1 in 33.

  • The value of property stolen in 2012 amounted to $96,528,318, which is an increase of 19.36% from the previous year.

  • Residential burglaries made up 68% of all burglaries.

The numbers suggest that unless proper preventive and security measures are taken, it is not improbable to become a victim of property crime in Utah. You can arrange for the security of your loved ones and your house by having an effective home security system installed.

Protect Your Home in Utah

With the right choice in terms of home security systems, you could avoid the trauma that comes with an intrusion, burglary or emergency situations involving fire. Effective surveillance and alarm systems could enable you to avoid such instances to begin with; and if they do occur, you could minimize the associated damage.

Here are some of the tools that you can use to protect your home.

  • CCTV camera surveillance

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Motion detectors

  • Glass-break detectors

  • Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms

However, your choice is not limited to the listed equipment as there is a wide variety available that can serve your security needs. It is up to you to carefully evaluate your requirements and then select the relevant equipment.

Home Alarm Systems in Utah

Just like any other state in the US, Utah suffers at the hands of criminals. According to the Utah Department of Public Safety 92,459 crimes were committed in 2013. This was a 2.64% increase from the year 2012. Although the law enforcement agencies in Utah are doing their utmost to curb crime and criminal activities, part of the responsibility lies with the homeowners. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure their homes do not attract burglars. There are a number of ways in which homeowners can take precautions. One way could be to keep their front and back yard tidy and trimmed. Burglars on the prowl are always looking at properties that seem unoccupied. Another way is by installing efficient home alarm systems.

Home Security Companies in Utah

The first step when selecting home alarm systems in Utah is to check all the local home security companies. This is one decision where homeowners must not depend on advertisements and marketing campaigns. The most effective way to research in this case would be by checking what past and existing customers think about a company. Better Business Bureau, commonly referred to as BBB is a reliable source when researching home security companies in Utah. BBB accredits businesses which gives potential customers an idea as to how credible the company is. BBB also keeps track of companies who’ve had consumer complaints lodged against them.


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