ADT Security Reviews

A trusted name when it comes to security, ADT has been providing security systems to American homes and properties for over a century. With over six million residential units and businesses covered, ADT specializes in providing smart security solutions for both homes and properties. From home automation to health monitoring, the company offers a range of services tailored to meet individual security needs.

With exclusive focus on client safety and protection, ADT, being one of the pioneers, has been one step ahead to meet the needs of customers without compromising on security.

ADT specializes in four different fields: ADT security systems, automation solutions, business security, and home health. Mentioned below is a brief overview of services provided with home security systems.

ADT Home Security Systems

ADT offers a wide range of home security products designed to provide maximum coverage and protection to residents. Here is a list of home security coverage options:

  • Video surveillance – Allows customers to keep a check on their property (inside and outside), offering real time monitoring and access via phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Wireless security systems – Relatively easy to install and operate. Can be upgraded and are adjustable.

  • Storm safety – Designed so that security system is fully functional even when the power is out.

  • Remote access – Allows customers to manage their home security system remotely.

  • Energy management – Customers can manage their home’s thermostat settings from anywhere.

  • Medical alert – This device comes in the form of a waterproof wrist band or pendant. It includes fall detection that automatically sends for help without pressing the button.

ADT Security Services

ADT has a highly trained workforce of over 16,000 who work tirelessly to provide effective professional services. These professionals are trained to deal with emergency situations at any time of the day.

Here are some of the services offered by ADT:

  • Burglar monitoring – Once a burglar alarm is activated, an ADT trained professional will alert you and the authorities.

  • Flood monitoring – A professional will alert you in case of any potential threat of a flood or water hazard.

  • Medical alert monitoring – With the push of a button, the two-voice intercom will connect customers to an ADT professional for assistance.

  • Fire and smoke monitoring – An ADT professional will alert the fire department and you in case the smoke alarm is triggered.

  • Carbon Monoxide monitoring – CO is hard to detect, and can prove to be fatal. Warning alerts will be sent to you and the monitoring center if CO is detected.

  • Temperature monitoring – This monitoring service could help prevent damage by keeping a check on cold, heat and humidity.

Why Choose ADT?

  • ADT home automation – Customers can turn their home into a “smart” home by having complete control over their security system through their phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Quick response time – ADT’s quick response time means customers should expect professional help when they need it most.

  • Experienced staff – ADT hires only skilled and highly trained professionals to assist their patrons.

  • Innovative technology – All monitoring centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed for secure communication 24/7.

  • ADT protects your home – ADT products and services could help you protect your home and family from not only burglaries, but fires and floods as well.

The options available at ADT are categorized by product features, lifestyles and services. This is to help homeowners make the right decision keeping their requirements in mind. With an impressive track record of over 140 years, ADT is a leader when it comes to securing your home.



Q:How ADT home security systems are different from other security systems?

A:ADT is a well-known name when it comes to home security solutions. The company has been catering to the security needs of homes and businesses in the US for over 140 years. ADT offers a wide range of services which include home automation, 24/7 alarm monitoring, wireless security, medical alert, energy management, and remote monitoring. With the Better Business Bureau rating of 'A', ADT with its services and systems has distinguished itself as one of the leaders in home security.

Q:How will I know that my ADT security system is armed?

A:Arming and disarming your ADT system will require you to go through your device's user manual. You could also get help from the security consultant who's installing your home security system. The manual contains specifications about setting codes to enable and disable the alarm. If you still have difficulty, it is recommended that you get in touch with an ADT customer support representative for more information.

Q:Can I get help from ADT with the installation if I need it?

A:In case of any difficulty with the installation of an ADT system, you can get help from ADT customer support representatives who are available 24/7. The company will provide you with a technician, if you need one, who can install the system for you. You can contact the company by sending them a request via email, or call up the helpline

Q:What do home security services like ADT offer to justify a monthly fee?

A:ADT is a well-known home security company that has been offering services for 140 years. They specialize in home security, home automation, and home monitoring. The company uses state of the art technology for its security products. You can choose from a variety of ADT products and services such as 24/7 monitoring, energy management systems and medical alarm systems. These services usually come with a monthly fee as they provide round the clock assistance.

Q:How do people review ADT?

A:ADT is an established name in the home security industry. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given ADT an "A+" rating for its services and products. You can visit the official website of ADT if you are interested in reading customer reviews. Prospective customers are also recommended to check trusted third party sites and local law enforcement agencies for information.

Q:I want to cancel my ADT monitoring (home). Will my alarm still work when it's activated?

A:Yes. As you have paid for the equipment and the installation, your alarm system will work. This means it will notify you when there is a break in or an emergency situation like a fire outbreak or smoke. However, as you have cancelled ADT services, ADT will not be monitoring your home. The ADT monitoring center will not be able to inform local authorities in case of an emergency as they are no longer contractually obliged.

Q:How to reset the access code on an ADT home alarm system?

A:To reset the access code, you will first need to enter the master code provided by ADT. The next step is to enter the new code you wish to assign to the system. You can have more than one access code for each user. Once the new code is activated, test the system. If you do not remember the master code, you can call ADT for assistance.

Q:Will ADT security system work with a vonage phone system?

A:Yes, your ADT home security system can work with a Vonage phone system. However, switching your security system to a VoIP/digital phone service may affect the service. Homeowners are recommended to find out which VoIP service provider in their local area meets the required specifications to become a Qualified Managed Facility Voice Network (MFVN). In addition, you can contact ADT at 1-800-ADT-ASAP for further details.

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