San Francisco 49Ers Tickets

The San Francisco 49er's have played many successful games and enjoyed their great dynasty during the 1980's and 1990's, with their five Super Bowl triumphant victories. The good part is that 49ers are back in form again to knock out their competitors one more time. All you need is a ticket to this awesome game and witness how your favorite players battle it out on the field. For the entire live action, just grab your San Francisco 49ers Tickets today and witness your favorite team from up-close.

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San Francisco 49Ers Tickets

Years of Dominance

Under coach Bill Walsh’s guidance, the team went on to build a legacy like never seen in the history of the sport before. In two years, they rose from the cellars of the NFL to the top. They won their first Super Bowl in the 1981 season, defeating their arch rivals the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys in the process. These were two of the most important wins for the Niners, since this signaled a shift of power in the Division, and the win over the Cowboys did the same in the Conference.

Following the wins, the Niners went on to dominate the league. They made it to the playoffs eight times in the next ten years and won four Super Bowls in the eighties. The Niners failed to complete a three-peat in 1990, but won their final Super Bowl in the 1994 season.

Current Form

Following the team’s years of dominance in the NFL, a relatively dry spell followed, and the team struggled to regain their former glory. Despite making it to the playoffs a couple of times, the 2000’s were not very successful for the team. However, the Niners have undergone a transformation in recent years and are resurfacing as a top contender for the title once again.

Under Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, the team is looking good once more. With players like Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith, the team has started posting good results. They won back to back Division titles in 2011 and 2012, and went on to win the Conference title as well in 2012. They were denied a sixth Super Bowl win by the champions, the Baltimore Ravens.

But the future looks bright for the team, and their next season will be exciting to watch. So get tickets for the next season and support the Niners in their bid to become six time National Champions.

San Francisco 49ers Rivalries

The Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks and 49ers are one of the most prominent modern rivalries in football. The Seahawks became divisional rivals of the 49ers, back in 2002 when they joined the NFC West. The 49ers initially led this division’s series 4-2; however, after the Seahawks became part of this division, they led the series 21-11. However, the Seahawks have not been able to maintain the 49-ers consistency; they suffered four straight losses from the 49-ers from 2008-2011.

The rivalry gained momentum when Pete Carroll became the Seahawks’ coach and Jim Harbaugh became the 49ers’ coach. The two coaches had previously been rivals on the collegiate level and so their competitiveness simply intensified in the divisional playoffs. Both teams tried to one-up the other, by drafting younger players to keep their performance even.

The Los Angeles Rams

The Rams and 49ers are historic rivals, with their earliest playoffs dating back to the 1970s. The 1980s were a great time in this rivalry since the two would constantly compete for the NFC West division title, with the number one ranking switching between them throughout the decade. Since then, the fans of both of these teams have become rivals as well. Rams vs. 49ers games are always entertaining. The action on the field matches the energy in the stands and NFL enthusiasts anticipate their games well before time. Let’s see what addition this season makes to this incredible rivalry.

2020 Postseason Results
DIVSat, 11 Jan 2020Minnesota W27-10 13-3
CONFSun, 19 Jan 2020Green Bay W37-20 13-3, Feb 2 2019Kansas CityL31-20 13-3
2019 Regular Season Results
1Sun, 08 Sep 2019Tampa Bay W31-17 1-0
2Sun, 15 Sep 2019Cincinnati W41-17 2-0
3Sun, 22 Sep 2019Pittsburgh W24-20 3-0
5Mon, 07 Oct 2019Cleveland W31-3 4-0
6Sun, 13 Oct 2019Los Angeles W20-7 5-0
7Sun, 20 Oct 2019Washington W9-0 6-0
8Sun, 27 Oct 2019Carolina W51-13 7-0
9Thu, 31 Oct 2019Arizona W28-25 8-0
10Mon, 11 Nov 2019Seattle L27-24 OT 8-1
11Sun, 17 Nov 2019Arizona W36-26 9-1
12Sun, 24 Nov 2019Green Bay W37-8 10-1
13Sun, 01 Dec 2019Baltimore L20-17 10-2
14Sun, 08 Dec 2019New Orleans W48-46 11-2
15Sun, 15 Dec 2019Atlanta L29-22 11-3
16Sat, 21 Dec 2019Los Angeles W34-31 12-3
17Sun, 29 Dec 2019Seattle W26-21 13-3
2019 Preseason Results
1Sat, 10 Aug 2019Dallas W17-9 1-0
2Mon, 19 Aug 2019Denver W24-15 2-0
3Sat, 24 Aug 2019Kansas City W27-17 3-0
4Thu, 29 Aug 2019Los Angeles L27-24 3-1


Jimmy Garoppolo moves to 49ers

In a blockbuster trade, Jimmy Garoppolo has left the New England Patriots to move to the San Francisco 49ers. The Pats have arguably, the greatest quarterback in NFL history on their books in the form of Tom Brady. Because of that they could afford to let their second QB, Garoppolo, leave. In return, the Pats will now get a second-round pick. The trade on paper makes sense for everyone concerned and it will be very interesting to see how Garoppolo performs in San Francisco.

San Francisco 49Ers Ticket Prices

Currently the average price for San Francisco 49Ers tickets is $309. The date and location for this event is 20-Dec-20 at AT&T Stadium, Arlington. The minimum get-in price for San Francisco 49Ers tickets is $89.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers Arlington 20-Dec-20 $309 $89

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

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