Monster Jam Tickets

If you want to experience the sound of motor racing and be a part of a thrilling live motorsport event, then the upcoming Monster Jam event is just for you to attend. Check the Monster Jam event Schedule for 2020 below and Grab Monster Jam tickets and enjoy the spectacle of monster trucks performing amazing stunts live. It is an exhilarant live motorsport event tour. The events are held in all the major cities of the world, primarily in the United States, Europe and Canada. Monster Jam events are all about racing and freestyle competitions by the monster trucks and the current season's Monster Jam tickets 2020 sales have shown that its popularity is not going down at all. The Monster Jam tour begins in the late winter, usually in November each year and ends in March. The World Finals are held in Las Vegas.

In 2017, Monster Jam announced three arena tours called Monster Jam Triple Threat Series. This series has become extremely popular now and showcases the best lineup of Monster Jam vehicles that the fans want to see the most – more racing, more trucks, more wheelies, more freestyle, more action!

How much are Monster Jam tickets selling in different cities?

The chart below shows the top 10 US cities with the highest Monster Jam ticket sales over the last 7 days. Currently, Austin has the highest sale percentage with 4 Tickets sold while Kansas City ranks 3rd with a sales figure of 1. Please note that these rankings change every day depending on the ticket sales.

Cities Where Monster Jam Tickets are Selling Most

Who is driving monster jam trucks in 2020?

Truck Driver Truck Driver
Alien Invasion Bernard Lyght Monster Energy Todd LeDuc, Coty Saucier
Avenger Jim Koehler Monster Mutt Aaron Basl, Tanner Root
Bad News Travels Fast Brandon Derrow Monster Mutt Dalmatian Candice Jolly, Cynthia Gauthier, Kaylyn Migues
Bakugan Dragonoid Camden Murphy Monster Mutt Rottweiler Preston Perez
Barbarian Devin Jones Northern Nightmare Cam McQueen
Big Kahuna Shane England Obsessed Eric Swanson
Black Pearl Cole Venard Overkill Evolution Mike Vaters II
Black Stallion Michael Vaters Pirates Curse Justin Hicks
Blue Thunder Matt Cody Rage Cory Rummell
Bounty Hunter Jimmy Creten Raminator Mark Hall
Brodozer Heavy D, Colt Stephens Rammunition Kurt Kraehmer
Brutus Brad Allen Razin Kane Kristen Hope
Devastator Mark Schroeder Saigon Shaker Ryan Disharoon
Dragon Jon Zimmer, Darren Migues Scarlet Bandit Dawn Creten
Earthshaker Tristan England, Steve Thompson Scooby Doo Linsey Read, Myranda Cozad
El Toro Loco Becky McDonough, Mark List, Elvis Lainez, Kevin Crocker, Armando Castro Slinger Scott Hartsock
El Toro Loco Ice Scott Buetow Soldier Fortune Kayla Blood
Gas Monkey Garage B.J. Johnson Soldier Fortune Black Ops Tony Ochs
Grave Digger Adam Anderson, Krysten Anderson, Randy Brown, Morgan Kane, Tyler Menninga, Charlie Pauken, Brandon Vinson Son Uva Digger Ryan Anderson
Great Clips Mohawk Warrior 0 Bryce Kenny Stinger Zane Rettew
Hooked Bryan Wright Stone Crusher Steve Sims
Hotsy Kurt Kraehmer Storm Damage Richie Yatsko
Hurricane Force Steve Thompson Time Flys Kelvin Ramer
Ice Cream Man Roy Pridgeon Whiplash Brianna Mahon
Iron Outlaw Tanner Root Wild Side Zack Garner
Jailbird Kaylyn Migues Wild Flower Rosalee Ramer
Jester Matt Pagliarulo Wolfs Head Kristen Hope
Just Get Er Done Second Generation Brandan Tulachka Wonder Woman Haley Gauley
Lucas Oil Crusader Linsey Weenk Xtermigator Buddy Tompkins, Roy Pridgeon, J.R. McNeal
Max D Tom Meents, Neil Elliott, Colton Eichelberger, Blake Granger Zombie Joe Urie, Bari Musawwir, Richie Yatsko, Brittany Marcotte
Megalodon Justin Sipes, Austin Minton, Jack Brown, Cory Rummell    

Monster Jam is Unique

Monster Jam is an interactive show and every event is characterized with the unique "Pit Party", which is an after show party and autograph session. During these sessions the fans get to meet their favorite performers, get their autographs and provide them with feedback. Therefore the fans get a chance to get out on the floor with the performers and their amazing trucks and enjoy a very exciting event.

Monster Jam Shows and Competitions

The monster trucks compete with each other in two major forms of competition, Freestyle competition and Side-by-side Racing competition. Other motor sport varieties such as Wheelie competition and Donut contest are also conducted in some of the shows. ‘Side-by-side’ Racing is the traditional form of bracket racing. It is held in a stadium. The first truck with minimum number of penalties to cross the finish line moves onto the next level. The trucks keep on moving to the next level or round until they are eliminated or finally win the racing trophy. In the second major form of competition, the Freestyle,  drivers get a fixed amount of time which is generally a two minute period to show off their skills. They have to perform the task of driving the huge trucks over cars. While driving over the cars they also have to perform several tricks and stunts. Thus their skills are judged on several different characteristics.

Winners of both types of competitions are determined separately by the judges but if both the events are won by the same driver then he is awarded the Double Down trophy. Double Down trophy is the second biggest trophy in the show.

Some of the Monster Jam shows are shown on TV and most of them are recorded shows. Recorded shows are usually shown a few months after they are held. Thus Monster Jam tickets can be purchased to experience the heart pounding excitement of the live show and to get closer to the action before it gets stale. The shows take place at some of the best venues available, making the live experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

The show is equally popular among the kids as well as the adults. Kids under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult at a live show. If you also want to be entertained this winter with live thrill and want to be part of the roaring fans, then get your Monster Jam tickets for the upcoming Monster Jam event nearest to your city and experience the exuberant performances live.

Monster Jam World Finals XXI Set to Light Up Orlando’s Camping World Stadium

For the second year in a row, Orlando will host the biggest annual event on the Monster Jam calendar. In 2020, the Monster Jam World Finals will return to the Camping World Stadium which made history a year earlier by being the first venue outside of Vegas to host the biggest event in this larger-than-life sport.

On May 2 and 3, 2020, the world of extreme motorsport will turn its eyes to Orlando to witness the coronation of the world’s best in 7 different monster truck competitions. The Monster Jam World Finals XXI are being touted as the biggest event in the history of the sport and you need to be there to experience the unmatched thrill.

Monster Jam Schedule 2020

The 2019-2020 Monster Jam season will get underway in early June in Salinas. Going by the magnitude of sales of Monster Jam tickets, fans seem to be very excited about what it has to offer. The long and intense season will conclude with the Monster Jam World Finals being held during the first week of May, 2020.

From the beginning to the very end of the 2019-2020 Monster Jam season, you will be experiencing lots of thrill featuring some of the most imposing mechanical beasts ever designed by man. Many cities all across North America will welcome the Monster Jam party. These include Kansas City, East Rutherford, Nashville, Foxborough, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Haggerstown, Jacksonville, San Jose, Tampa, Rosemont, Las Vegas, Louisville and Houston among others.

So, if you have been wondering whether or not a Monster Jam event will be taking place in your city or one close to you, this is your opportunity to check the entire Monster Jam 2020 schedule. Find the event most suitable for you and grab your Monster Jam 2020 tickets at the earliest. 

Fiver Recent Monster Jam Winner

Year Truck Driver
2014 Grave Digger the Legend Adam Anderson
2015 Metal Mulisha Todd LeDuc
2016 Grave Digger (Orange) Morgan Kane
2017 Son-uva Digger Ryan Anderson
2018 Grave Digger Adam Anderson
2014 Metal Mulisha Todd LeDuc
2015 Overkill Evolution Mike Vaters II
2016 Grave Digger Adam Anderson
2017 VP Racing Fuels' Mad Scientist Lee O'Donnell
2018 Son-uva Digger Ryan Anderson
2019 Grave Digger Adam Anderson

City Wise Monster Jam Tickets Price Comparison

Monster Jam 2020 Tickets

Some Interesting Facts About Monster Jam

Like always, the ongoing Monster Jam season has given fans many unforgettable moments. And there will be a lot of more of those leading up to the Monster Jam World Finals XXI. Until then, here are some interesting facts about the Monster Jam phenomenon to keep you entertained.

Monster Trucks Don’t Come Cheap

A typical monster truck is likely to cost around $250,000. Moreover, the race team of each truck spends about as much money every season on repair and maintenance, lodging, race and uniforms, etc.

Monster Truck Drivers Smash Cars for a Living

Crushing cars is one of the most common sights at any Monster Jam event. About 3,000 cars are crushed every year.

Giant Tires

Monster trucks are supported by humongous tires that are usually 5.5 feet high and 3.6 feet wide. All monster truck tires are hand cut to lessen weight and make track adjustment easier.

Custom-Built Shocks and Engines

Monster Jam trucks have special shocks and engines which are custom-built for these mechanical beasts. The shocks run on nitrogen while the engines tend to be super-charged and injected with methanol. Most teams need as many as 5 of these engines, worth about $50,000 each, over the course of a season. On the other hand, the full shock package with the spring and coil-over-shock kit cost about $1,600. Many trucks need one shock for each tire while some even need two per tire.

Radio Operators

During any Monster Jam show, there are radio operators spread out into the crowd. Their job is to send signals to any truck so that its engine can be turned off in case a situation becomes dangerous.

Monster Jam Latest News

Monster Jam tickets are available and selling like hotcakes. Avail the amazing prices on offer and order your passes early if you want good seats. This year’s show is expected to be bigger and better than ever before. If you love extreme motorsport, then it is a must to be a part of this super show at the Camping World Stadium.

The Debut of BroCamino

During the All-Star Challenge in October, 2019, the Monster Jam lineup for 2020 included a new truck BroCamino. It was announced that the newest addition to the Monster Jam fleet would be making its debut soon and that moment duly arrived during the event in Tampa. BroCamino will be serving as teammate to fans’ favorite BroDozer.

Diesel Dave will be the rookie truck’s primary driver while former Freestyle World Champion Cam McQueen will get behind the wheel of BroCamino in select events. The truck is scheduled to compete on Stadium Tour Green.

Monster Jam Hall of Fame Class of 2020

In January, 2020, the inaugural class of the Monster Jam Hall of Fame was announced during the show in Tampa at the Raymond James Stadium. The very first inductees will be four-time world champion Dennis Anderson and veteran Monster Jam announcer Scott Douglas.

Back in 1982, Anderson was the man behind the development of the iconic Grave Digger which has become one of the symbols of Monster Jam in the years since. As a driver, Anderson became known for his winning mentality and ruthlessness on the track. He won the very first World Freestyle Championship and added three more global titles to his collection before retiring in 2017.

Scott Douglas began his career as a Monster Jam announcer in 1988. With the sport’s evolution, his powerful oratory and experience behind the mic enabled him to explore new opportunities like TV broadcasts for nationwide audiences. Douglas currently provides valuable tips and acts as a mentor to young Monster Jam announcers.



Monster Jam Schedule

Racing season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event will be Monster Jam, held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington. As of now, the last event, Monster Jam is scheduled for 14-Mar-21 at the Ford Field in Detroit. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Monster Jam AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX Sat Oct 24 202007:00 PM
Monster Jam AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX Sun Oct 25 202003:00 PM
Monster Jam Reno Livestock Events Center Reno, NV Fri Jan 08 202107:00 PM
Monster Jam Reno Livestock Events Center Reno, NV Sat Jan 09 202101:00 PM
Monster Jam Reno Livestock Events Center Reno, NV Sat Jan 09 202107:00 PM
Monster Jam Reno Livestock Events Center Reno, NV Sun Jan 10 202101:00 PM
Monster Jam Reno Livestock Events Center Reno, NV Sun Jan 10 202106:30 PM
Monster Jam Ford Field Detroit, MI Sat Mar 13 202107:00 PM
Monster Jam Ford Field Detroit, MI Sun Mar 14 202103:00 PM
Monster Jam Landers Center Southaven, MS Fri Apr 09 202107:00 PM

Monster Jam Ticket Prices

The average price for Monster Jam Tickets start from $89. The minimum get in price is $21 for Monster Jam Tickets at the Ford Field, Detroit. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Monster Jam Arlington 24-Oct-20 $152 $41
Monster Jam Arlington 25-Oct-20 $112 $54
Monster Jam Reno 8-Jan-21 $95 $67
Monster Jam Reno 9-Jan-21 $96 $61
Monster Jam Reno 9-Jan-21 $96 $67
Monster Jam Reno 10-Jan-21 $98 $61
Monster Jam Reno 10-Jan-21 $95 $61
Monster Jam Detroit 13-Mar-21 $94 $28
Monster Jam Detroit 14-Mar-21 $89 $21
Monster Jam Southaven 9-Apr-21 $152 $34

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Monster Jam Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Monster Jam tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Monster Jam.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Monster Jam, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX Event18 4% Sat Oct 24 2020 07:00 PM
Monster Jam, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX Event18 4% Sun Oct 25 2020 03:00 PM
Monster Jam, Reno Livestock Events Center, Reno, NV Event18 4% Fri Jan 08 2021 07:00 PM
Monster Jam, Reno Livestock Events Center, Reno, NV Event18 4% Sat Jan 09 2021 01:00 PM
Monster Jam, Reno Livestock Events Center, Reno, NV Event18 4% Sat Jan 09 2021 07:00 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long does a monster jam show last?

A:The Monster Jam live event lasts for around two hours, sometimes even two and a half hours. This also includes intermission. If you've bought Monster Jam Tickets then you're in for a fast-paced, action packed show.

Q:Can you guide where to buy monster jam tickets at special rates?

A:There are several options available for Monster Jam Tickets and you can take your pick accordingly. We are offering quite affordable rates, allowing you to make your purchase easily, without putting any burden on your pocket.

Q:How long is monster jam triple threat show?

A:If you've bought your Monster Jam Tickets then you're in for a thrilling treat. Currently on a national tour, the duration of the event is two hours but sometimes it can go up to even two and half hours. There is 15 minutes interval in-between. Fans who buy tickets in advance can also head early into the show and be a part of the pit-party.

Q:Where can you get free pit passes for monster jam?

A:The Pit Party Early Access Pass is available to the fans who purchase Monster Jam tickets. The pass provides early entry into the Pit Party, where you can meet your favorite drivers and take pictures with the monster trucks. You must remember that the quantity of the passes is limited, so you must head into the event well before time.

Q:Are there any onsite shops at the event where I can buy hot wheels grave digger monster truck?

A:We can only give you information regarding the live monster jam events and the availability of Monster Jam tickets. Whether the Hot Wheels toys are available for purchase onsite is not something we have information on. You can probably search the internet for details.

Q:How can i select my Monster Jam tickets for the front row?

A:The event page will show you the seating chart of the particular venue where the event is taking place. You can have a look at the front row seats and their prices on this page. It is always a good idea to secure front row seats early as they are likely to sell out fast.

Q:Where will the Monster Jam events in Denver, CO take place?

A:Enjoy one of America’s most popular motorsport events when it returns to Colorado in 2020. Monster Jam events in Denver, CO will be held at the Pepsi Center and there are four shows in total where you can enjoy racing, two-wheel skills, donuts and freestyle competitions. Check out the map of the venue and secure the best seats at the earliest.

Q:Do you have any deal for all the upcoming Monster Jam events?

A:Currently there is no such deal available on our website. Hence you will have to buy Monster Jam tickets tickets for events in different cities separately.

Q:Is it safe to buy Monster Jam Anaheim tickets from your website?

A:Of course, it is absolutely safe to buy Monster Jam Anaheim tickets or any other tickets from our brokers through this website. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority which is why we have secured the site by state of the art protection software. Moreover, we have made the transaction process completely transparent so that you need not worry about any kind of fraud.

Q:Do you offer free tickets for monster jam?

A:We are sorry but we don't offer Monster Jam Tickets for free. You can however get them from us at prices that are ranked among the best available anywhere in the market. Log on to our website, make your way to the event's page there and follow a few simple steps to book your tickets in no time at all.

Q:Where can I get information about coupon for monster jam tickets on offer by you?

A:You can easily find out the coupon code for Monster Jam Tickets once you buy them online at our site. Visit the event's page on our website and select the tickets you wish to purchase. Once you have your desired tickets, you will be given the specific coupon codes for those tickets and you can get the best possible value for your money.

Q:Where's the cheapest place to get best price monsterjam tickets?

A:You can easily get cheap Monster Jam Tickets at our website. Simply visit the relevant event page on our website and browse the prices of available tickets. As you will notice, ticket prices vary over a large range, so simply select the ones which most suit your budget requirements. You can also avail our various discount packages and special offers to get the best possible price for your tickets.

Q:Can you buy monster jam tickets at the stadium?

A:Yes, you have the option of buying Monster Jam Tickets on the spot but for your convenience, we also provide the facility of buying them from our website. You can choose the price range of choice from our page and get discounts on it. Delivery options are also available; select the one that suits you the best and we will get your tickets delivered to you in time.

Q:Can I get cheapest monster jam tickets from you?

A:We don't promise cheapest Monster Jam Tickets but are offering them on reasonable rates with special offer codes. You can use them and get cheap rates right away. Choose the delivery method of your choice and we will make sure the tickets get to you in time.

Q:Till when are cheap tickets to monster jam available?

A:You can get Monster Jam Tickets on discounted rates till the date of the event. Follow the directions and place the order right away. The process is easy and hassle free. You just have to follow the given instructions and you will have your tickets delivered to you just a few days.

Q:Where can I find advance auto monster jam coupons?

A:You can easily find out the coupon code for Monster Jam Tickets once you buy them online at our site. Visit the event's page on our website and select the tickets you wish to purchase. Once you have picked the price for your desired tickets, you can use the codes available there to get further rebate on your purchase right there and then.

Q:Can you tell me which is the cheapest place to get monster jam tickets?

A:You can get Monster Jam Tickets from us at extremely economical prices. Tickets available on our website come in a wide range of prices and that has been done to ensure you have the freedom to book tickets at prices that fall within your budget. Log on to our website, make your way to the event's page there and follow a few simple steps to get your tickets in just a matter of a few minutes.

Q:What is the best place to buy monster jam tickets low fees?

A:You can buy Monster Jam Tickets from us at prices that are ranked among the best available anywhere in the market. We are offering different prices for the tickets you want because we want you to have the freedom to book them at prices that suit you the most. Log on to our website, make your way to the event's page there and follow a few simple steps to get your tickets in no time at all.

Q:Will cheap tickets monster jam be available on the day of the event?

A:Since Monster Jam Tickets are being sold by us on first come first serve basis, it is very hard to tell if they will be available on the day of the event. Tickets will be made available on the day the event is scheduled to be held only if they are not sold-out by that time.

Q:Are there advanced auto monster jam Houston pit passes available?

A:Monster Jam Houston Pit passes are selling fast as the event is approaching. When you order monster jam Houston tickets you can add the pit party pass to the order in the end. If you already have purchased the ticket then you can check the availability of pit party passes on the event's page on our website to be part of the family friendly activities. If these are not available, leave us your contact details.

Q:I have lost my cheap monster truck tickets. Can you help me?

A:We are sorry that you have lost your Monster Jam Tickets but unfortunately we cannot help you in this regard. Tickets are a one time entity, which just cannot be reissued. That is done to ensure there are no multiple printings of the same tickets.

Q:Where can I get coupons monster jam event?

A:You can get some of the best codes and coupons for Monster Jam Tickets from us. We are also offering tickets to the event as part of multiple deals and prices so that you have the freedom to book your tickets at prices that fall within your budget.

Q:What is the best price on monster jam tickets?

A:Tickets for Monster Jam starts from $25 and can go up to $7K plus, which is Luxury pass. PIT passes starts from $30. however, they are subject to change without any prior notice.

Q:Can anyone tell me the best place to buy discount tickets monster jam?

A:Monster Jam Tickets are available at low rates on our website and we also offer further discounts by adding the promo codes which can also be found at our page.

Q:When will you send my cheap tickets for monster jam?

A:Your Monster Jam Tickets will be sent to you as soon as your order is processed.

Q:How long does it take to process my order for cheap monser jam tickets?

A:It usually takes 1 business day to process your order for Monster Jam Tickets.

Q:When will you mail my affordable monster jam tickets?

A:Your Monster Jam Tickets will be shipped to you soon after your order is processed.

Q:Can you provide discounts on Monster Jam Anaheim tickets?

A:Monster Jam Tickets are available in different price ranges and you can pick the one that suits your budget for the big event scheduled on the 8th of February 2020. The average price for Monster Jam Anaheim tickets is $79 and get in stands at $10 but you can also check the discount offers and different packages on the event page.

Q:Can i buy monster jam tickets on credit?

A:No, in accordance to our company policy, you cannot buy Monster Jam Tickets on credit. Payment has to be made there and then.

Q:Are there any hidden charges for monster jams tickets?

A:No, The price of Monster Jam Tickets published online is final.

Q:Can i buy jam tickets on spot?

A:Yes, you can buy Monster Jam Tickets on spot.

Q:Can you help me in getting cheap monster jam tickets at the same rates after a week?

A:Sure, the discount offer is still active on Monster Jam Tickets for some time. Plan your purchase and place the order as soon as possible.

Q:Can i get five discount tickets for monster jam today?

A:Sure! We still have plenty of Monster Jam Tickets available on discounted rates. Order as many as you want.

Q:can i get some good seats with Monster Jam tickets bought from your website?

A:You can get the best seats in the place with Monster Jam Tickets bought from our website.


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