Detroit Tigers Tickets

The Detroit Tigers have made their fans proud on numerous occasions. Winners of no less than 4 World Series Championships and 10 American League pennants, the team is on the top of its game. Draped in navy blue, white and orange, the Tigers have a ferocious appetite for victory. Their love for the game has turned them into fierce competitors which cannot be taken easily no matter how tough the opposing team is. It is this ‘never give up’ attitude that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the game. Any Tiger game is guaranteed to be full of adrenaline pumping action. Now that their Spring Training scheduled is out, fans are anxiously awaiting the upcoming games. If you wish to watch the Tigers live in action, buy Detroit Tigers tickets quickly. 

Detroit Tigers Tickets

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Detroit Tigers Tickets

Over the years, the Tigers have performed beautifully which is how and why they maintain a healthy fan base. Unfortunately, they have not had much luck with Central Division titles since they have not managed to win even a single title. This was not the case when they were playing in the East Division where they won 3 titles during the early 1970s and 1980s. Founded in 1894, the franchise is one of the 8 chartered teams of the American League. Tigers have been playing in their home ground Bennet Park for over 16 years when they finally moved to Navin Field. Since 2000, Comerica Park has been hosting all home games for Detroit Tigers which started playing in the Central Division in 1998.

Tigers are one of the only four franchises to be located in their original city that is the city where they were originally founded. Even though the franchise was founded in 1894, it was until a year later that they got their nickname of the Tigers. There are many stories as to how the team got this nickname but one widely believed one comes from Richard Bak who believes the nickname comes from the local Light Guard unit called The Tigers. Press would usually use the name to refer to the team as well. Detroit Free Press is believed to be the earliest user of this nickname. One of the other interesting variations of their nickname is the Bengals. Given their history, the team has truly lived up to their nickname. ‘Paws’ is the cutest mascot of the Tigers which was born on May 5th, 1995. Paws the Tiger, is the one who adds whole lots of fun to the game. One of his interesting hobbies, besides cheering for his team is visiting malls and schools and making special appearances with his team

With all Tiger related mottos, the performance of the Tigers works as an intimidating roar for all competitors. Right from the beginning of their career, Tigers were a force to reckon with. In the late 1910s, the team won 3 AL pennant titles. They continued their performance during the mid and late 1930s and then again in the 1960s. Their last AL Pennant title victory came in 2006 which was not very long ago. They have been consistent winners of several other championships as well. This is one of the prime reasons why they are both respected and loved by fans and critics alike.

Tigers are one of the luckiest teams when it comes to their fans. Of course, it has everything to do with how the team performs both on and off the field. Fans go wild singing 'Go Get 'em Tigers' on the field, cheering their team, shouting 'Who's Your Tiger'! Make sure you are one of the lucky ones to cheer your team on as the Tigers are not having the best time of their careers so they need all the support they can get. If you are looking to have a good time and are a fan of the Tigers then I see no reason why you should sit with a can of cola and a bag of chips when you could just as easily be out there in the middle of all the action. Grab your Detroit Tigers tickets pronto to have a great time.

The Tigers are a Major Baseball League from Detroit. It is considered to be of the eight charter franchises of the American League. The Tigers were founded in 1894. To date, this football team has won many games. Witnessing the Tigers live in action is nothing short of an amazing delight. The Tigers are scheduled to play some extremely outstanding games in the coming future. This is the perfect time and the best opportunity for you to get the Tigers tickets. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a truly awesome game that this team will showcase. It will truly be a memorable experience for you.

Baseball season is in full-swing again and people from Detroit's region are ready to grab the best deals on Detroit Tigers Tickets. This popular MLB franchise from American League Central is among the oldest baseball teams present in USA. They are four-time world champions, and clinched the titles in 1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984 respectively. Since the Tigers have not performed very well in the past few seasons, they are making all the necessary arrangements to rise and shine this year. They are already in news for doing some big trades, pickups and releases for this season. It is now left to see that how fruitful this reassembling will prove for them.

The Detroit Tigers will start their spring training at their preseason base, the Joker Marchant Stadium. The venue has been their base for spring training since 1966 but starting 2017 spring training, the name of the ballpark will be changed to the Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium. Now they have Lloyd McClendon back as the hitting coach. McClendon returns to the Tigers after a three year absence and keeping in view his last stint with the franchise as the hitting coach, there is a lot of optimism surrounding as to what the Tigers can achieve during the upcoming MLB campaign.

After four consecutive AL Central wins, the past two seasons (2015 & 2016) were quite disappointing for the Detroit Tigers. When a team of such caliber misses playoffs twice in a row, an overhaul becomes compulsory. After making some significant changes during the offseason, the Tigers now have a solid mix of young players and veterans who are the faces of the team. 2017 season seems to be a promising one for the side and fans with Detroit Tigers tickets can look forward to some thrilling games. The Tigers are ready to take a step forward and will be among the main contenders this season.  

Detroit Tigers Rumors

Arguably the biggest Detroit Tigers rumor right now swirls around J.D. Martinez and his return.  Martinez had been sidelined due to a lisfranc sprain since Spring Training and his presence has been felt. Early reports suggested that he was out for a considerable length of time and that Martinez will start to train not before the middle of April.

Now according to Jason Back of, the outlook is much more positive for Martinez and the Detroit Tigers. It looks as if Martinez is ahead of schedule in terms of recovery and now reports are coming in that he will be out playing for the Tigers by May. This can only be good news for the Tigers but they will of course have to be careful that they do not rush him back. There is no doubt that the J.D.Martinez’s return to the fold will be a huge boost to the franchise.

Detroit Tigers Opening Day 2017

Just like last year, the Detroit Tigers opening day 2017 resulted in a win. In 2016, the Tigers took on the Marlins and won a very close game 8-7. In 2017, they were up against the Chicago White Sox on April 3, away from home. The weather that day had other plans and the game had to be postponed till the next day. The Detroit Tigers beat the Chicago White Sox 6-3 and began their campaign in the best possible way.

That win provided them with a  solid platform and now the Tigers are 11-9, a record that puts them first in the AL Central. They have to keep pace with other sides in the division but the Tigers are capable of doing that. It looks as if AL Central will be very competitive this year and this is the time for the Tigers to prove their mettle.

Detroit Tigers World Series

The Detroit Tigers have gone off to a decent start. They are 11-9 at the moment which might not look too good at first glance but in a competitive AL Central this has put them right up there at the top of the division.

The question however remains that is this Detroit Tigers side good enough to go all the way and lift the World Series in 2017? The Detroit Tigers are a historic side that has won four World Series titles till now but the last one came in 1984.  The Detroit Tigers have failed to make it to the postseason over the last two seasons but they were in contention for a playoff berth right till the very last day of the 2016 season. They have made a good start to the 2017 campaign and if they qualify for the playoffs, well then anything can happen.

Detroit Tigers Stadium (Comerica Park)

The Comerica Park is the Detroit Tigers Stadium. They moved to the ballpark in 2000 and have been based there ever since. Their home form has always been strong and the results over the years prove that.

The Detroit Tigers are not doing too badly at the Comerica Park this season as well. They are 6-3 at home right now which is the best home record in the AL Central as things stand.  Their first home game of the season saw them take on the Boston Red Sox on April 7. The Tigers won that encounter and the next one too the very next day. Their first loss at home came in the third game of the series against the Red Sox but they bounced back to win the next one. If the Tigers remain strong at home and improve on their away form, then they have a very good chance of qualifying for the playoffs this season.

Detroit Tigers Rivals

The two biggest rivals of the Detroit Tigers are the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. For the past half decade or so, these divisional rivals have given quite a competition to the Tigers.

The Detroit side has met the White Sox a total of 57 times in the past three seasons, including the 2018 data. The Detroit Tigers have fared well in the head to head records with 31-26.

The Cleveland Indians and the Detroit Tigers have met a total of 55 times in the last three seasons, including the games in 2018. As of May 18, 2018, Cleveland has the better record between these two, with 34-21.

Fans of the Tigers can’t wait to find out how these budding rivalries will shape this season!

Detroit Tigers tickets Available!

With baseball season getting underway, fans are getting excited to catch their favorite teams in action live. Detroit Tigers have a pretty busy April with matchups lined up all through the month and the action continues all through the summers. The season ends in September. Tigers’ fans are hoping that the additions of Wilson Ramos and Robbie Grossman will help the team to improve their offense. Only time will tell how the 2021 season shapes up for the Tigers. Fans can start securing their Detroit Tigers tickets because tickets are limited and fans won’t want to miss this chance to root for their favorite team when they come to play. Ticket holders need not worry about safety because ballparks will be taking complete precautions to ensure that it stays a safe and healthy experience for everyone to enjoy.

Detroit Tigers Schedule 2020

Spring Training Results 2020
Sat, Feb 22Philadelphia T8-8 0-05,911
Sun, Feb 23Atlanta W5-1 1-0Nova 1-0Wilson 0-16,947
Sun, Feb 23Pittsburgh W8-4 2-0Richan 1-0Howard 0-14,189
Mon, Feb 24Houston L11-1 2-1Abreu 1-0Boyd 0-14,891
Tue, Feb 25New York W9-6 3-1Funkhouser 1-0Gilliam 0-14,799
Wed, Feb 26@ Toronto POSTPONED
Thu, Feb 27Tampa Bay L6-3 3-2Glasnow 1-0Zimmermann 0-1Thompson 13,314
Fri, Feb 28Toronto L5-4 3-3Kay 1-0Nova 1-1Petricka 26,007
Sat, Feb 29New York L8-2 3-4Ottavino 1-0Funkhouser 1-19,645
Sun, Mar 1New York W10-4 4-4Santiago 1-0Yajure 0-18,669
Mon, Mar 2Boston T11-11 4-46,746
Tue, Mar 3Minnesota L5-1 4-5Dobnak 1-0Agrazal 0-18,595
Wed, Mar 4Boston W13-9 5-5Farmer 1-0Hembree 0-29,310
Thu, Mar 5New York W15-11 6-5Manning 1-0Montgomery 0-16,724
Fri, Mar 6Philadelphia L9-0 6-6Arrieta 1-1Turnbull 0-16,348
Sat, Mar 7MinnesotaL7-6 6-7Reed 1-0Garcia 0-1Coulombe 10
Sun, Mar 8Washington W7-5 7-7Farmer 2-0Freeman 0-1Adleman 15,530
Mon, Mar 9Houston L2-1 7-8Pruitt 2-1Funkhouser 1-23,525
Tue, Mar 10Pittsburgh W4-1 8-8Boyd 1-1Holland 0-1Soto 15,488
Thu, Mar 12Atlanta L5-3 8-9Greene 1-2Jimenez 0-1Roney 16,137
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The Tigers have sold J.D. Martinez

So, it finally looks as if the Detroit Tigers have started building for the future. The biggest sign came with the trade of J.D. Martinez to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Tigers had been going through a tough time recently. They failed to qualify for the playoffs in 2016 and 2015. Last October, the Tigers’ GM Al Avila said

“We want to get younger. We want to get leaner. We want to run the organization without having to go over our means. We want to stay competitive, but at the same time, this organization has been working way above its means for some time."

It now looks like the Tigers have finally decided to wake up and work towards building a team for the future.


Omar Infante has put his name in the hat to play centerfield for his team, the Detroit Tigers. A lot of people think Omar Infante is a very long shot to make centerfield his position but that is not deterring the man himself. Infante is now 35 years old but is feeling very good right now. He knows he has a battle on his hands to play centerfield for the Tigers next season but he is not giving up without a fight. Whether he will be able to make the position his own remains to be seen but the guys he is fighting with have a fight on their hands to fend off Omar Infante.

Detroit Tigers Schedule

Baseball season is here and is packed with epic matchups. You can catch all the action live as it happens. Next event featuring Detroit Tigers will be Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox, held at the Comerica Park in Detroit. As of now, the last event, Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers is scheduled for 3-Oct-21 at the Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago. For complete itinerary of events, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox Comerica Park Detroit, MI Tue Aug 03 202107:10 PM
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox Comerica Park Detroit, MI Wed Aug 04 202107:10 PM
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox Comerica Park Detroit, MI Thu Aug 05 202101:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Fri Aug 06 202107:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Sat Aug 07 202107:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Jacobs Field Cleveland, OH Sun Aug 08 202101:10 PM
Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore, MD Tue Aug 10 202107:05 PM
Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore, MD Wed Aug 11 202107:05 PM
Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore, MD Thu Aug 12 202104:05 PM
Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians Comerica Park Detroit, MI Fri Aug 13 202107:10 PM

Detroit Tigers Ticket Prices

The average price for Detroit Tigers Tickets start from $43. The minimum get in price is $14 for Detroit Tigers Tickets at the Oriole Park At Camden Yards, Baltimore. For a detailed look at ticket prices and amazing discounts, visit our website.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox Detroit 3-Aug-21 $59 $19
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox Detroit 4-Aug-21 $71 $18
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox Detroit 5-Aug-21 $55 $16
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Cleveland 6-Aug-21 $84 $36
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Cleveland 7-Aug-21 $60 $46
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers Cleveland 8-Aug-21 $43 $35
Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Baltimore 10-Aug-21 $68 $18
Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Baltimore 11-Aug-21 $67 $14
Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Baltimore 12-Aug-21 $73 $18
Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians Detroit 13-Aug-21 $90 $17

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

Detroit Tigers Discount Code:

Use Event18 as the discount code and get up to 70% discount on Detroit Tigers tickets. This is a last minute opportunity to get the discounted tickets for Detroit Tigers.

Upcoming EventDiscount CodePercentageDate
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox, Comerica Park, Detroit, MI Event18 4% Tue Aug 03 2021 07:10 PM
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox, Comerica Park, Detroit, MI Event18 4% Wed Aug 04 2021 07:10 PM
Detroit Tigers vs. Boston Red Sox, Comerica Park, Detroit, MI Event18 4% Thu Aug 05 2021 01:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers, Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH Event18 4% Fri Aug 06 2021 07:10 PM
Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers, Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH Event18 4% Sat Aug 07 2021 07:10 PM


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