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Denver Broncos are going to make you all excited and thrilled with some rough and wild football games this year. Denver Broncos Tickets are up for sale for those who enjoy thrill and excitement on the field. Based in Denver, Colorado; Broncos are known for their rivalry games in untamed offensive manner. It is a member of the American Football conference and represents Western Division in the National Football league. Three of the Denver Broncos players, i.e. Gary Zimmerman, John Elway and Floyd Little, have been listed in the prestigious list of Pro Football Hall of Fame, and more will join the big league very soon. With their stallion strength, Broncos are the lords of football field. Whether you want to catch their excitement-filled home games or want to catch the go-setter in their away games, be assured that you will get the best deals of Denver Broncos Tickets right here from us.

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Denver Broncos tickets for sale

The franchise was formed in 1959 with American Football League. Broncos won their first AFL title by defeating Boston Patriots in 1960. They hold the title of being the first ever AFL team to defeat an NFL team, Detroit Lions in 1967. However, their first decade was not as successful as their fans expected. Still, some of their players such as Floyd Little remained the danger for their opponents, and Broncos never played any game like underdogs. After 13 long years of effort, Broncos won their first season in 1973. The mighty win was followed by years of controversies about the ownership of the team, and its status against the baseball scene in the city. All of this crumbled the team’s performance for some time, but they never lost their games like the losers. With their consistent hard work, they managed to reach the finals of Super Bowl four times.

The good luck knocked at the door of Denver Broncos in the mid 90s and brought along a fine coach named Mike Shanahan. The team got together and won the 1996 season with great ease. It remained the most dominating team of the year, and crushed every opponents with their power-play and infallible game strategy. The result was more rewarding than what some people expected; the Broncos clinched the Super Bowl XXXII and Super Bowl XXXIII and make the whole region proud of its football club.

The following Denver Broncos seasons were tough on the Broncos as many of the superstar players were retired. The aggressive decade of the new millennium not only demanded new and fiery talent but the old and ripe experience as well. With retirement of John Elway 1998, the team suffered a massive setback and it took them many years to learn playing without him. Elway is the most respected and cherished player from the team so far, his jersey is worn most frequently at the team home ground. After some rough time, the team grooved back and returned with their trademark winning spirits.

The current stars of Denver Broncos have learned to do it well in any given situation. Their gradual improvement in last few seasons is sign that we are soon to witness them lift the Super Bowl cup again. The wild and dynamic Denver boys cannot let their winning history go down the drain, so they have made the measures to shock their rivals and critics with some big upsets. The team looks pretty determined and so is ‘Miles,’ their official mascot who does not miss any Broncos games played in their home-field INVESCO Field at Mile High. Not to forget the magic of ‘Thunder II,’ a live horse that welcomes Broncos’ fans with full zest.

It has been a while since Broncos have reached the play-offs. But they are focused to turn the tabled in their favor this season. After all, this is the team that has played the Super Bowl six times. They may be down, but they are definitely not out of the game. The spirits are high yet again, and Denver Broncos fans are confident that their favorites will strike back in style. Book your Denver Broncos Tickets today and make sure to support them when they are ready to take their biggest rivals!

Update 25 Jan 2016

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos overcame a spirited comeback by the New England Patriots to make it to Super Bowl 50. The Broncos have been showing plenty of fight over the last few seasons and this will be their second Super Bowl appearance in three years. Will they add to their title triumphs of 1997 and 1998 or will it be another season of missed opportunities? That is a question which will be answered when the Broncos take to the field at the Levi’s Stadium.

Denver Broncos Rivalries

San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers

The Broncos lead the all-time series against the Chargers. One of the biggest highlights of this rivalry has been a Monday Night game between the two during the 2012 season. The Broncos were playing at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium and were down by 24 points when Peyton Manning, their QB, led a comeback and defeated the Chargers 35-24. This is one of the biggest comebacks in Monday Night football history.

Oakland Raiders  

This rivalry intensified in the late 1970s, but subsided during the 1980s. It, however, picked up again in the mid-1990s with the arrival of Mike Shanahan as Broncos’ head coach. Shanahan had joined the Broncos after getting fired from the Raiders. It is however the Raiders that lead the all-time series.

Kansas City Chiefs

The highlight of this rivalry was the 1983-98 period, when John Elway was the Broncos’ QB. During the 1997 playoffs, the Broncos defeated the Chiefs on their way to winning their first Super Bowl. The Chiefs however lead the Broncos in the all-time series.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks from 1977-2001 were part of the AFC West and therefore played regularly against the Broncos. The Seahawks are however no longer part of the AFC West and as such this intra-divisional rivalry doesn’t exist, but the two squared off in Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, in which the Seahawks trounced the Broncos 43-8.

New England Patriots

Since 1995, the two teams have regularly played against each other. At the end of the 2015 season, the two had played in 5 playoff games, with Broncos winning 4 games. From 2001 to 2015, this was also a rivalry of QBs with Peyton Manning representing the Broncos against the Patriots’ Tom Brady. While Brady dominated in the regular season games, it was Manning which made his team win more playoff games against Tom Brady’s Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers  

By the end of the 2015 season, the Broncos and the Steelers had met in 8 post-season games, with Broncos winning 5 of those. The biggest highlight of this rivalry has been the 1997 AFC Championship game in which the Broncos won 24-21 at Three Rivers Stadium on their way to winning their first Super Bowl.

Cleveland Browns

The Broncos-Browns rivalry was short lived. It started in 1986 and ended in 1989. The two faced each other in three AFC Championship games. The most interesting thing about this rivalry is that the Broncos would not win the Super Bowl after any of the championship games where they beat the Browns.

Is the Mile High Stadium a dome?

The Mile High Stadium is not a dome and is a completely outdoor stadium.

Who is the current owner of the Denver Broncos?

Pat Bowlen is the current owner of the Denver Broncos since 2014. However, he operates the Broncos as a trust and therefore has different individuals as the President, Chairperson and General Manager of the team.

2019 Regular Season Results
1Mon, 09 Sep 2019Oakland L24-16 0-1
2Sun, 15 Sep 2019Chicago L16-14 0-2
3Sun, 22 Sep 2019Green Bay L27-16 0-3
4Sun, 29 Sep 2019Jacksonville L26-24 0-4
5Sun, 06 Oct 2019Los Angeles W20-13 1-4
6Sun, 13 Oct 2019Tennessee W16-0 2-4
7Thu, 17 Oct 2019Kansas City L30-6 2-5
8Sun, 27 Oct 2019Indianapolis L15-13 2-6
9Sun, 03 Nov 2019Cleveland W24-19 3-6
11Sun, 17 Nov 2019Minnesota L27-23 3-7
12Sun, 24 Nov 2019Buffalo L20-3 3-8
13Sun, 01 Dec 2019Los Angeles W23-20 4-8
14Sun, 08 Dec 2019Houston W38-24 5-8
15Sun, 15 Dec 2019Kansas City L23-3 5-9
16Sun, 22 Dec 2019Detroit W27-17 6-9
17Sun, 29 Dec 2019Oakland W16-15 7-9
2019 Preseason Results
HOFThu, 01 Aug 2019AtlantaW14-10 2-3
1Thu, 08 Aug 2019Seattle L22-14 1-1
2Mon, 19 Aug 2019San Francisco L24-15 1-2
3Sat, 24 Aug 2019Los Angeles L10-6 1-3
4Thu, 29 Aug 2019Arizona W20-7 2-3


Paxton Lynch will miss some action due to injury

Paxton Lynch will be out of action for a few weeks because of an injury. The injury could not have come at a worse time for Paxton who had to bide his time to get his big chance. He injured his ankle in the Broncos’ loss to the Raiders this past Sunday and it left him in tears on the bench. This was his first start of the season and it just lasted under three quarters. He had missed the first half of the current campaign because of a shoulder injury and just when things were beginning to look up for him, he has hurt his ankle.

Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib hit with suspensions

Michael Crabtree of the Oakland Raiders and Aqib Talib of the Denver Broncos have both been handed two games suspension without pay because of their fight in the game between these two sides. Both Crabtree and Talib were ejected because of that but now the two have landed extra punishments for the unsavory incident. There is no love lost between these two players either as they went at it last season too. According to reports filtering in, both Talib and Crabtree will be appealing the suspension.

Gary Kubiak is returning to the Denver Broncos

Gary Kubiak had to step down as the head coach of the Denver Broncos in January due to health reasons. It was a big setback for the franchise but it was a step that needed to be taken. Now Kubiak is returning to the fold, albeit in a different role. He has agreed to rejoin the Broncos as a senior personnel advisor who will be given scouting responsibilities. He will be based near Houston and will of course pay visits to the Broncos’ headquarters in Englewood. This looks like a great move by the Broncos on paper because if there is anyone who knows what it takes to be a Broncos player, it is Kubiak.



Denver Broncos Ticket Prices

Currently the average price for Denver Broncos tickets is $238. The date and location for this event is 13-Dec-20 at Bank Of America Stadium, Charlotte. The minimum get-in price for Denver Broncos tickets is $122.

Name City Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price
(Minimum Price)
Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos Charlotte 13-Dec-20 $238 $122

* Ticket Prices vary on hourly basis.

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