Waldorf College

Waldorf College

Orange Beach is home to a renowned educational institution, Waldorf College. The college is ranked amongst the leading education providers in the region. The college was set up in 1903 and since has been catering to the academic needs of students. Currently it is affiliated with Columbia Southern University and specializes in liberal arts baccalaureate degree programs. Campus life at Waldorf College is vibrant and full of extracurricular activities; students get a chance to excel in sports, drama, and community work.

Waldorf College's accomplished faculty teaches over 50 programs and is ranked amongst the best. Providing quality education and creating an inducive learning environment is one of the key objectives at Waldorf. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Online Degree Programs at Waldorf College
Waldorf College offers a range of well-structured undergraduate degree programs and associate degree programs. Students can opt for degree programs in areas of, business, communications, music, humanities, criminal justice, wellness, and education. Biology is one of the most recognized areas of study here. With a state of the art biology laboratory, students get to take part in undergraduate biology research and gain a thorough understanding of biological technology.

Waldorf College also provides online education to students and professionals. Customized Waldorf College online programs are offered in all study majors and are accredited by DETC. Online programs allow students to study at their own pace and are recognized throughout the state. These programs are geared towards providing students with complete theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in any chosen area of study.

Financial Aid
Students don't have to worry about high tuition costs. Waldorf College is dedicated to helping students fulfill their academic dreams by providing all kinds of financial assistance through loans, grants, and institutional scholarships. Students must be enrolled in any program or Waldorf College online degrees to be eligible for financial assistance. Over 59% of the student population is currently studying with monetary assistance provided through by the college. A simple FAFSA application is all it takes to apply for financial aid at Waldorf.

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