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Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School operates on the rationale of producing “agents of change” who can make vital contributions to the community and the world.  The school was founded in 1973 and has developed into a recognized institution offering law programs that have been graced with E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award and the ABA Award for Distinguished Achievement in Environmental Law and Policy.  Due to such achievements, a wide range of sources have stated encouraging Vermont Law School reviews.  According to U.S. News and World Report, VLS was consistently ranked at number 1 in 2007 and 2008 consecutively.

Vermont Law School Programs Information

The Juris Doctor (JD) program at the school provides students with a strong knowledge base and equips them with extensive information about development of the legal system and legal analysis techniques. Besides that, the school enables students to get enrolled in dual degree programs with universities such as Cambridge, Yale and Thunderbird. The master level programs comprise of Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP). This program comprises of 60 courses and usually spans up to 12 months.  Students can also get admission in a joint a JD/MELP degree program.  The advanced master level degree offered at the school comprises of Master of Laws with concentrations in American Legal Studies, Dispute Resolution, and Environmental Laws.

Vermont Law School Degrees Information for Aspiring Professionals

Vermont Law School offers Clinics and Experiential Programs that are particularly designed to provide students with industry based knowledge and practical understanding through externships in courts, law firms, and government offices. To ensure that students can capitalize on the finest career opportunities after graduation, the school also enables students recognize their strengths through its Academic Success Program, which comprises of services such as mentoring, advising and conducting workshops for skill building.


Vermont Law School is recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) to award bachelor and master level degrees in Law.


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