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University of Maryland College Park Online programs include both Masters of Library Science and Master’s of Information Management. These programs are offered to meet the needs of students who are looking to acquire a professional degree without having to attend on-campus classes.

If you are working full time, reside at a considerable distance from the university or simply prefer to get an online degree then the University of Maryland College Park online programs are for you.

Graduates of the online programs are awarded the same diplomas as those studying on-campus. But the online programs are precisely specified and thus cannot be combined with any other on campus specialization.

Online Master’s of Information Management Program

This program draws upon information science, computer science, information systems and management to provide you with the necessary skills necessary to compete in this field. Students may complete this structured program in 24 months.

The program has specific goals to enhance various abilities in a student. These various skills may include:

  • Student learning techniques to connect functional staff, management and technological staff
  • Help and advise the management in making information technology policies and, application and development of the information system to be used
  • Address the technical, political, social and ethical issues and problems related to information technology
  • Manage information strategically to address various issues and problems in the organization


You will be required to meet several admission requirements to get an admission into this program. The requirements may include:

  • A bacherlor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Acceptable GMAT and GRE scores
  • At least one or preferably two years of work experience


This program has a very dynamic scope and thus allows you to specialize in various options. These include:

  • Digital assets management
  • User interface
  • Organization analysis and process
  • Data analysis
  •  Project management
  • Strategic management
  • Technology development
  • Information management research

Online Master’s of Library Science

The online master’s of library science is a professional degree that aims to provide students with a solid foundation in information research, library practices and research. Students may look for careers in various sectors and areas such as libraries, government, startups, museums, informational organizations and archives.

The University of Maryland College Park’s online master’s of library science is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).

Admission Requirements

If you are interested in getting yourself enrolled in this program, then you may have to fulfill several prerequisites set by the university. These prerequisites may include:

  • A hard copy of all post secondary work
  • You should have achieved a 3.0 GPA
  • You must possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university


This program has a flexible curriculum, so students who are working full time or those working part time may be able to study in this program. Several specializations in this program that the student may choose from are:

  • Archives
  • Digital curation
  • E-government
  • IDP
  • IPP
  • School library


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