University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

Established since 1819, University of Cincinnati is one of the United States largest university extending educational advancement opportunities to around 41,000 students per year in its various branches and campuses. Commonly known as UC, the school aims to offer academic excellence with an all encompassing real-world application experience to give its graduates a competitive edge in the job market. 

University of Cincinnati is a research based public university with its main campus in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is placed as a Tier One University. University of Cincinnati Reviews have scored it a prominent position in the World’s Top 200 Universities. The university initiated and is still practicing the co-operative educational system which integrates elements of comprehensive theoretical concepts with compulsory practical application of those concepts. It has three major campuses – West, Medical, and the Victory Parkway Campus.

University of Cincinnati Programs Information:

University of Cincinnati has its academic offerings divided in various colleges and programs, most of which are nationally accredited. It’s most popular subdivisions include college of engineering and applied sciences, college of allied health sciences, college of arts and sciences, college of business, college of law, college of nursing, and college of medicine.

University of Cincinnati Degrees Information:

It is offering a plethora of certificate, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral level degrees, all over the globe. Most popular degrees offered by University of Cincinnati include Music and Art degrees with majors like interior design, music composition, and drama. Science, Engineering, and Business degrees are offered with specialization areas such as the civil engineering, aerospace engineering, business administration, and accounting. Cardiology, pediatrics, and neurology are famous focus areas for Medical and Human Services degrees. 

International Collaboration:

University of Cincinnati offers its students various exchange programs to give them international exposure to markets and educational experience, allowing them international placement opportunities as well. It also has various international associations and collaborations to work on its research activities.


Besides other program specific accreditations, University of Cincinnati is accredited with the Higher Learning Commission/North Central Association (HLC/NCA).

Program Listing

Criminal Justice


Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the duration University of Cincinnati degrees in Criminal Justice?

A:The Criminal Justice degrees offered at UOC are available at graduate and undergrad levels. Students have the option of completing the master's level degrees within 2 years and other than that, a 1 year degree is also offered to students in the field i.e. Master of Science in Criminal Justice 1 year program. Students can easily complete this degree at a much faster pace than the regular degrees.

Q:While searching for University of Cincinnati degrees information, I came across the degree of religious studies. What courses are included in this program?

A:There are basically two types of courses being run in the religious education program in the University of Cincinnati. One is where students study religion from a secular point of view where various religions are discussed in general. The other is purely based on the study of religious instructions and rituals. While most programs in the secular section of the course are taught by people propagating their own religions, the academic side of it teaches religion in the light of history, anthropology, philosophy, and sociology. Some Religious education courses even explore the various religions of the world like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

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