United States Sports Academy

United States Sports Academy
A private, non-profit, special mission sports university, the United States Sports Academy is dedicated towards preparing men and women for sports-related careers. The academy aims to serve the nation and the world with programs in instruction, research as well as services. Students who want to become a part of the sports industry can pursue a variety of degrees, certificates as well as diplomas at the United States Sports Academy.

Students with degrees and certificates in this field may find that they can qualify for several career options. The ones who want to create the right balance between college resources and opportunities as well as engaging with the faculty should consider getting into the United States Sports Academy. The extensive learning opportunities, the wide array of programs, experienced faculty and range of financial aid choices all make the Academy a suitable place to pursue a sports-based education.

The United States Sports Academy offers the Bachelor of Sports Science, Master of Sports Science as well as Doctor of Education in Sports Management programs. Students in the undergraduate programs can choose to focus their degrees in sports studies, sports management, sports coaching or sports studies while graduate students can pursue programs in sports management, sports medicine, sports coaching and sports studies among other disciplines. The academy also offers doctoral programs. Students can specialize in human resources management in sports, leadership in sports and sports marketing.

The United States Sports Academy also offers a wide variety of diplomas, certificate programs and certification programs. Students can pursue certificate programs in sports coaching, sports management and human performance. Certification programs are available in various concentrations including sports studies, bodybuilding, sports coaching, sports fitness and sports medicine to name a few.

Online Programs
The Academy's Distance Learning Program allows students to take up courses and earn degrees completely online. The distance-learning programs are suitable for those who are engaged in work or the ones who cannot attend regular classes due to other commitments. The online programs allow learners to complete their courses anytime, and anywhere at their own pace.

Financial Assistance
The United States Sports Academy offers several financial aid programs in order to help students benefit from its quality academic courses regardless of their financial status. Funds are available in the form of Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants and Federal Stafford Loans. Students may also benefit from other types of funds such as PLUS Loans and Alabama Student Grant and Assistance Program.

The United States Sports Academy is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to grant the bachelor of sports science, master of sports science and doctor of education in sports management degrees. It also has been approved by other prominent bodies such as Sports Management Program Review Committee, Alabama State Licensure and Certification as well as Dantes Approval.

The faculty at the Academy comprises of industry experts with considerable experience in their respective fields. They help students discover their potential, guiding them in their personal as well as professional pursuits.

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