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UEI College

UEI College offers a wide range of programs for those who want to step into the professional world as well as for the ones who want to improve their existing career prospects. The college offers training programs in several areas of study including business, automotive technology, healthcare, computer technology, criminal justice, and more. The college not only teaches but also trains students. This is why completing a program from UEI may give students an edge in the job market.

Excellence, success, teamwork, integrity and customer service are the values that drive UEI. The college has designed its learning methods to be relevant to the workforce, so that students can be successful in their careers as well. By enrolling in UEI programs, learners can benefit from an accredited education in addition to receiving instruction from faculty members with considerable industry experience. They are also able to choose from a large range of programs.

Students can opt to take day and evening classes and also enjoy other facilities such as financial aid and job placement assistance.

UEI College Programs
UEI offers associate degrees as well as diplomas in several fields. These programs may possibly be completed in 8 to 16 months and can help students increase their prospects of finding entry-level jobs in the field of their interest. The exact duration of the program will however depend on the route that students take, and so can be shorter or longer. Automotive technician, business management, business office administration, criminal justice, dental assistant, emergency medical technician, and pharmacy technician are some of the programs offered at UEI.

The college provides efficient, hands-on, personalized instruction with the purpose of helping students realize their potential and succeed in their professional lives.

All UEI programs have a curriculum based on industry-standard knowledge and are designed in such a way that they provide students with the right skill-set for a competitive job market.

Students can chose to pursue a program in the morning or evening and benefit from the quality learning opportunities at UEI. The college has all the resources that make studying here a productive and worthwhile experience.

UEI is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. It also has the approval of the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. The accreditation shows that the college offers all the student services and maintains good standards of teaching.

Financial Aid
UEI offers federal, state, institutional and external financial aid to help students in need pursue educational programs without having to bear the full burden of the costs. Students can apply for grants, scholarships, work programs, and student loans and if eligible, get money for tuition, fee and related expenses. To apply for financial aid, students need to file the FAFSA application that helps in determining the eligibility of students for aid. As the aid packages are designed keeping in view the individual requirements of students, candidates should get in touch with the financial aid office to explore all their options and make the right choice.

Note: Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

Disclosure link: http://www.uei.edu/student-consumer-info

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