Tricoci University

Tricoci University

Founded in 2004 by the beauty industry legend Mario Tricoci, Tricoci University offers a number of training programs for those who want to pursue careers in the beauty industry. Cosmetology and Nail Technology / Manicuring are some of the programs offered at this university that prepare students for careers in their preferred field. The university aims to prepare a new generation of beauty industry students with ethical leadership values and advanced skills. Students get a chance to prepare for career in beauty industry and their state licensing examinations.

Tricoci follows high quality learning standards and has designed each program keeping in view the requirements of the present-day employers. It has received the 2013 “Excellence in Education” award from Modern Salon, which is testament to the quality of its training programs.


Tricoci University is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences. The accreditation of the university shows that it meets the key national education and performance standards. As Tricoci University is accredited, its accreditation validates its learning opportunities and resources.

Financial Aid
Tricoci University understands that a high-quality education is an investment and offers a range of financial aid options in order to help students meet their educational expenses. The university offers various payment options that make pursuing a program easy for students with different financial backgrounds. Grants such as Pell Grants as well as student loans including Stafford Loans and Parent plus Loans are available. To apply for these awards, students need to file the FAFSA (free application for free financial assistance for federal student aid).

Tricoci University Programs
Tricoci University programs offer a number of courses for aspiring beauticians. The ones who are already working professionally in this industry can also benefit from these programs as they allow learners to hone their skills and take their careers to the next level. Continuing-education programs as well as teachers training programs are also offered by Tricoci University.

Each program at Tricoci is designed according to the latest industry standards and is taught by an experienced and well-qualified faculty. Students can pursue these programs and earn vital credentials to begin or further their career in the beauty industry.

Tricoci University Online Programs
Tricoci University offers continuing education programs in partnership with 360 Training, which is a leading online educator. Continuing education helps to retain license and also allows individuals to stay competitive in the ever-changing beauty industry. Tricoci offers a simple and convenient way for professionals to continue education and allows them to pursue these programs from any location, at any time. Students can pursue cosmetology, esthetician, and nail technician or cosmetology teacher programs online and earn valuable credentials from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

Why Tricoci?
Tricoci University is one of the most well-recognized places to acquire beauty education. Its accreditation, facilities, financial aid, wide range of quality programs as well as experienced faculty make it a great place for those who want to benefit from a productive learning experience.

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