Tidewater Tech

Tidewater Tech

Tidewater Tech is a distinguished career school that provides hands-on training programs in various areas of study. It offers learning opportunities to students in its labs and classrooms where experienced industry experts help them acquire the skills and knowledge essential to increase your chances of entering into the field of their choice. The qualified faculty, quality learning programs, wide range of student services and financial aid are some of the features that make Tidewater Tech one of the best places to pursue a career education.

Tidewater Tech's training programs are particularly designed for those who want to make their way into new careers in an accelerated manner. The ones who want to switch to new careers can also enroll in the certification programs offered at the school and earn vital credentials that employers seek.

Tidewater Tech offers training programs in a number of fields including building maintenance and repair, HVAC, automotive technician as well as welding. Each program is designed keeping in view the needs of the present day employers. This is why graduates from Tidewater Tech can possibly find jobs with the leading companies.

The faculty of Tidewater Tech is committed to student success. They give personal attention to students and guide them at every step of the way. As the instructors are industry experts with considerable real-world experience, they are in a well-suited position to facilitate students pursue and achieve their personal and professional objectives.

Tidewater Tech Programs
Tidewater Tech offers short courses in a number of areas of study including welding, building maintenance and repair and HVAC. The ones who want to become automotive technicians can also find relevant training programs. The school makes use of the same tools and techniques in its training programs that candidates are required to use once they enter a career. This is why students get a chance to benefit from a learning experience that can be of use in practical life.

Financial Aid
Tidewater Tech understands the needs of students and their financial limitations. This is why it has developed financial plans that make its education more affordable. Students can apply for federal, state and/or private funds in the form of scholarships, grants as well as student loans. Military tuition assistance, state or local workforce training programs, scholarships and loans are also available.

Through these funds, students can easily get their hands on the money for tuition, fee and related expenses. The financial aid office can help students explore all their options and apply for the ones that can best meet their individual need.To apply for financial aid, students need to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

Accreditation of a school signifies that it follows the best industry standards and has quality learning programs. It also validates that the school offers financial assistance to eligible candidates. This is why it is important to get a degree or certificate from an accredited school. Tidewater Tech is accredited by The Council on Occupational Education and is certified to operate by the state council on higher education for Virginia. It shows that the school has training programs that can be instrumental in starting out in a career.

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