The George Washington School of Business Online

The George Washington School of Business Online

The George Washington University is a premier educational institution located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Inducting the brightest minds in the country, students are taught by highly qualified faculty through rigorous curriculums, and are also able to conduct projects and case studies on government institutions within the city. The George Washington School of Business online programs have come into being as part of a new initiative with Pearson Education. These offer a chance to students across the world to gain access to high quality learning.
Courses on Offer
In addition to pre-MBA preparation courses for undergraduates and other individuals, the George Washington School of Business online programs also offer 44 graduate level courses covering different specializations. Some of the degrees currently offered by the university are:

  • Masters in Project Management
  • MBA (Healthcare)
  • Masters in Information Systems Technology
  • Masters in Tourism Management

While there is a great deal of learning flexibility for students who sign up for these courses, the curriculum is nonetheless intense. Students are taught how to deal with various scenarios involving management, critical thinking, and efficient problem-solving skills, enabling them to become more effective at handling an organization and gearing it towards success. Whether you are transitioning into a new career with these degrees, or looking to build on your undergraduate studies, these courses are a perfect place to start. Students are also able to gain access to top-level institutions like the World Bank and the US State Department as part of their case studies.
Career Prospects
Enrolling in any of The George Washington School of Business online programs will teach you the most fundamental skills needed to thrive in the professional world. Your choice of study will not only reflect your professional goals, it will also enable you to achieve them quickly. Upon successfully completing your chosen degree, you will be able to enter both private and government institutions. MBA (Healthcare) graduates can become involved in the management of both large and small-scale healthcare facilities, and also transition into healthcare policy development with additional qualifications. Those with project management skills will be able to delegate responsibility and act as excellent managers regardless of the position they start off with.
Tourism is another extremely active industry in the United States, and those with an online Master’s degree in Tourism Management from The George Washington School of Business will be able to help develop a region’s infrastructure to attract the maximum number of people and increase revenues.
Because all the degrees focus on developing a person’s analytical and managerial skills, it increases their versatility in the job market, ensuring that they are suitable for a variety of industries.
With a top-class faculty, a highly engaging and well-rounded curriculum, and an interactive environment for students to connect and learn in, the online programs offered by the George Washington School of Business should be on the top of every aspiring business student’s list.

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