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Paralegal Programs in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the newest states of the U.S. The state is mainly composed of islands and has an estimated population of 371,657 people. Owing to its scenic beauty, Hawaii attracts a large number of tourists making the tourism industry a major economic driver of the state. The state capital, Honolulu is a center of large businesses and significant trading activities. Hawaii focuses on promoting an effective legal system through the Hawaiadministered by the chief justice of the State Supreme Court.

Individuals interested in contributing towards the legal system as paralegals can get enrolled in Paralegal Programs in Hawaii. Paralegals are mainly responsible for assisting lawyers by carrying out tasks such as handling documents, scheduling appointments and conducting legal research.  The high standards of performance and education in this profession are ensured by the Hawaii Paralegal Association (HPA).

 Most law schools offer 2 years associates or 4 years bachelor’s degree programs in paralegal studies. These programs equip students with a broad knowledge base in disciplines like legal research, office management, ethics for law office, investigation and interviewing and computer applications for the law office. Usually, the bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies leads to advanced programs like the Master of Law. Upon graduation, students can expect to find employment opportunities in various public and private law firms, investigation firms, legal consultancy firms and courts.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which are the most sought after paralegal programs in Hawaii?

A:The aspiring paralegals in Hawaii have access to a diverse range of degree programs. The popularly pursued programs in this field comprise of the associate and bachelor's level degree paralegal studies. Students are provided with knowledge on introductory level courses in the associate's degree, while, the bachelor's degree in the field is quite comprehensive and comprises of a more detailed curriculum and an internship program as well.

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