Paralegal Programs in California

Being the most populous state of America, and having a number of law firms operating in all the major cities, California has a large requirement for qualified paralegals. To meet this demand, there are over 60 schools, colleges and universities offering paralegal programs in California.

Paralegals work as support staff for lawyers, assisting them in preparation and research for trials. They only work within law firms and are not allowed to present cases in courts or offer legal advice. Paralegal programs in California are offered as certificates, associates degrees or bachelor’s degrees. Certificate programs range from 7 to 10 months in duration and include courses in legal research, legal writing, laws and ethics. Associates degree and bachelor’s degree program range from 2 to 4 years in duration. Apart from courses in law and legal, curriculum for these degree programs also includes other courses in mathematics, social sciences, english etc.

Paralegal programs in California are accredited by relevant organizations. There are over 25 accredited schools offering paralegal programs in California. Some of these schools are listed below:

  • California State University East Bay, Hayward
  • California State University, LA
  • University of California
  • Coastline Community College, Fountain Valley
  • College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita
  • DeAnza College, Cupertino
  • Fremont College, Cerritos

Students who wish to pursue a career as a paralegal in California must obtain Paralegal certification California. Certificate is available in this area of study for both undergraduate and graduate level. These programs may take 6 months to 1 year to complete. Students in these certificate programs learn about Introduction to Law, Court Rules, Law Office Etiquette, Legal Technology, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation and Legal Terminology. To get into these programs, students need to have a high school diploma while some certificate programs require students to have an associate's degree. Students who get paralegal certification can find employment with corporate legal departments, insurance companies, real estate or insurance firms.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can I pursue paralegal programs in California online?

A:Yes, students can pursue paralegal programs in California over the internet. There are a number of accredited institutions on our website that can students pursue a career in this field. The curriculum for these programs is extensive with every topic discussed in detail. Online educational programs are comparatively inexpensive as well with no traveling and accommodation costs involved. Interested students are advised to search our website for more information.

Q:Tell me about paralegal schools in California?

A:The job description of Paralegals is being a support staff for lawyers, helping them prepare cases and research for trials. Although they work in law firms but are not allowed to present cases or offer legal advice. Paralegal programs in California are offered as certificate courses, associates or bachelor's degrees. Certificate programs can last from 7 to 10 months and include courses like legal research, legal writing, laws and ethics. Associates degree and bachelor's degree last for 2 to 4 years and include subjects like law and legal, mathematics, social sciences and English.

Q:What topics will I cover in a 4 year paralegal bachelor degree in California?

A:An accredited bachelor degree in legal studies will cover a range of topics that will provide you in-depth knowledge about legal studies. You will come across subjects such as juvenile justice, court and law systems, legal research methodologies, principles of management, document drafting, litigation procedures, and substantive law. The courses reflect a certain field of law and shed light upon the major principles and concepts relevant to law.

Q:In paralegal certificate programs California, will I be taught about legal terminology?

A:Yes, you will be taught about various legal concepts and terminologies in paralegal programs. The main aim of a paralegal program is to prep students for careers as legal assistants ahead. It is crucially important for paralegals to have a thorough understanding legal terms, trial procedures, report writing, and management.

Q:Are all the best paralegal schools in California accredited and authorized?

A:Yes, if a school has acquired a ranking among the best paralegal schools, it is accredited. There are many popular paralegal schools in the state that provide quality services in this law area. You can search online and easily find information about the accreditation status of such schools and programs. We also provide a list of current schools that are offering paralegal programs.

Q:What are the basic courses contents of California online paralegal programs?

A:The course contents of paralegal programs comprise of basic and advanced subjects. Students undergo a thorough study of legal subjects. The program aims at equipping students with legal knowledge about various law fields such as corporate law and family law. Side by side, the program also polishes skills related to report writing, computer applications, and database management.

Q:Where can I find information about the best paralegal programs in California?

A:The best paralegal programs in California can be found in a number of lists and rankings. These can be obtained online and in popular newspapers/journals. The best way to get information regarding this is to search online. This mode of search is easy and convenient to conduct. Paralegal education has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

Q:Are associates online paralegal programs California enough to make me a professional in this field?

A:You can work as a paralegal assistant by earning a paralegal program at associates level. This is a pre-bachelor program and is designed to help students prepare for entry level paralegal careers. However, if you want to enhance your career opportunities, you should also earn a certificate in this field and extra credentials.

Q:Are online Paralegal Programs in California any different from the ones offered at local institutes?

A:No, the curriculum of paralegal programs online and the ones offered at a campus are the same. You do not have to worry about quality and services. Many online institutes are providing the same curriculum format and cover all necessary subjects. However, in some cases, practical experience is not possible online. In such circumstances, students are required to take a few classes at the institute.

Q:Which are the best Paralegal Programs in California?

A:Paralegal jobs have been ranked as the top careers by US News. This career allows students to join the legal industry without having to become a lawyer or an attorney. To become a paralegal, having a paralegal education or a certification is necessary. A number of schools are offering paralegal programs in all states including California. You can go through our page to see the current availability of these degree programs.

Q:I want information about California paralegal programs. Can you let me know which courses are usually taught in the program?

A:The paralegal programs provide a comprehensive knowledge in the field of legal studies. The courses provide overview of essential concepts relevant to law. The topics covered in the program usually include paralegal fundamentals, family, civil, criminal and tort law, bankruptcy, corporate law, legal research and writing. The exact curriculum may vary from one institute to another.

Q:What are the subjects areas covered in associate of paralegal studies programs in California?

A:The curriculum of associate degrees in paralegal studies may vary slightly from college to college. Generally, the coursework will include subjects such as legal terminology, justice administration, corporate law, trials and procedures, legislation, research, and more. The program is designed to equip you with skills needed to become a paralegal.

Q:After getting a Paralegal Certification California, what kind of a job should I expect?

A:Paralegals are in high demand nowadays. These professionals are hired by many lawyers and attorneys. The main job role of a paralegal is to assist lawyers and provide supportive services. As a paralegal, you will be required to manage various office tasks such as filing, preparing documents, managing client appointments, and assisting with trials.

Q:How much do paralegals make in California?

A:In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated the mean hourly wage of a paralegal working in California to be $28.88. This amounted up to an annual mean wage of $60,060. The salary of a particular individual will also be dependent on factors such as the choice of city within the state, employers, occupational industry, qualifications and skills. (Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Q:How to become a notary in California?

A:Take a notary public training course and exam as per the requirements in California. Get in touch with the California Secretary of State's office for detailed information on state-specific requirements. Submit an application before taking your exam. Once you pass the exam, you receive a certificate of authorization and in the county where you will operate. Get a notary bond and file it with the county clerk. For further information on this, check with the National Notary Association.

Q:How to become a notary public in California?

A:In order to become a California notary public, candidates must first complete a mandatory 6 hour course of study. This may be taken in person or online and must be conducted by an approved notary education vendor. Candidates must then sit for the California Notary Exam. If you successfully pass your exam, your application will be forwarded to the California Notary Public Commission for processing. You will also be required to submit to a complete background check and fingerprints for analysis.

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