South Coast College

South Coast College

Located in Orange County, CA, South Coast College is a renowned career training institute. It specializes in medical and legal assisting, and court reporting education. The institute aims at providing students with career skills and industry knowledge that may help them secure a more professional future. South Coast College was established in 1961 and has been approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.


Students at South Coast College may look forward to a fulfilling educational experience that may equip them with skills and latest industry knowledge. South Coast College promises its students one-on-one attention and support services. Among the many other vocational schools in the state, South Coast College is one of the oldest career schools and still ranks among the best.


South Coast College Programs


South Coast College offers career programs in court reporting, medical assisting, legal administrative assistant, and paralegal studies. These programs are based on latest industry standards, professional practices, and trends. Students may acquire insight on current occupational practices and demands. The programs offered by the College are listed below in more detail:

  • Paralegal Studies

Since the paralegal occupation is growing in demand, many young individuals are seeking career programs to prep for this legal occupation. South Coast College offers a comprehensive paralegal training program that focuses in skill development and knowledge enhancement. Students may look forward to a dynamic career ahead with this qualification.

  • Legal Administrative Assistant

This certification offered by South Coast College aims at providing students with real-world experience and skills. The program is ranked among the top assistant training programs in the state of California. One of the best features of South Coast College's legal administrative assistant programs is that the courses are also transferrable to paralegal degrees.

  • Medical Assisting

The healthcare industry offers dynamic career opportunities to qualified individuals. Those looking for beginner's level jobs and wish to help others can do so by earning a certificate or formal training in medical assisting. South Coast College offers practical training and skill development to help prepare students for a challenging career as a medical assistant.

  • Court Reporting

You may join the court system in Orange County and work as a certified court reporter. South Coast College's court reporting programs are ranked among the best in the state. This program prepares students for the certified shorthand reporter examination.


Student Facilities


South Coast College helps students on an individual level and provides career support services. The institute aims at maintaining a strong teacher-student relationship to make learning as effective and valuable as possible. Students enrolled in training programs at the college can make their learning experience fulfilling with latest educational facilities, state of the art libraries, resource centers, and training labs.


Financial Aid


The college offers a number of aid programs such as loans, grants and scholarships to the incoming eligible freshmen. These may be federally funded and easy to apply for, requiring students to fill out a FAFSA form. This may enable the students to fulfill their academic goals with the help of monetary assistance.


Program Listing

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