Sierra Nevada College

Sierra Nevada College

Sierra Nevada College (SNC) was established in 1969 in Nevada as a private liberal arts college. Sierra Nevada College follows its motto of “wisdom, responsibility, freedom” and this reflects in its students. The college is well-reputed for its academic programs in various disciplines including computer science, entrepreneurship, entertainment technology, environmental science and teacher education. Having an undergraduate student-strength of 540 and a postgraduate student-strength of almost 500 students, the college has a low student to teacher ratio ensuring personalized and close attention from the faculty members to its students. The college is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Sierra Nevada Online Programs
Sierra Nevada College has online programs for students who wish to complete their degrees online and cannot manage to attend university for any reason. The ‘online adult degree completion’ program, as it is known, gives the students an individualized experience of studying in a good liberal arts college. With small class sizes and an experienced faculty, the Sierra Nevada College online programs help the students develop professional skills and become leaders in the practical world. Online degree programs offered by the college are flexible and even accept transfer credits in some cases. The engaging curriculum of the programs results in immense interaction of the students with their peers and faculty members.
Tuition and Financial Aid
The administration of SNC works keenly to guide the students and their parents and help them adjust in the university. A personalized financial aid estimate is provided to each student who wishes to enroll in any program at the college. This ensures affordability of studying at a good liberal arts.
The cost per credit hour is $486 for the SNC Online Adult Degree Completion Program. On a yearly basis, it costs around $40,000 (apart from living expenses) to attend SNC. However, almost 89% of students at Sierra Nevada College receive either some form of financial aid or scholarship from the university. This percentage is much higher as compared to other institutions where not many people receive financial aid. The cordial and courteous administration of the college makes sure that students make an easy transition into college life without the stress of meeting their college expenses.
Job Prospects and Student Life
Sierra Nevada College graduates are well-placed in the job market. The placement office at the college, just like the financial aid office, is very cooperative and tries its best to ensure employment of SNC’s students. Alumni and faculty of the college work as a team to give the best to the current and prospective students of SNC.
Student life at SNC is also very vibrant. The campus has students coming from different states and even from countries beyond the United States. Their online programs also embrace this spirit of diversity since students from any geographical location may enroll in these.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which business qualification does the Sierra Nevada College offer?

A:The Sierra Nevada College offers Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration.

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