Schiller International University

Schiller International University

Initially, Schiller College was set up in 1964 and its first campus was established in Southern Germany. The college was a huge success which is why two years later, Dr. Leibrecht broadened his vision and started two more campuses in Germany. Today, Schiller has campuses in Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, London, and in Florida, USA.
 In retrospect this idea of expansion from a college to an international university has worked out very well for students, since it encourages cultural diversity among exchange students from one campus and country to another. This in turn develops in them an immense understanding of different cultures and students gain an invaluable insight into the lives of people from around the world.
But this diversity does not end with students only. The Schiller University has a very diverse faculty as well. While most of the faculty has been educated at highly respectable universities across the United States and Europe, their origins vary from almost every region of the world. 
Schiller International University's main campus in the United States is situated in Largo, Florida, and offers an incomparable college experience to students from around the world. At Schiller International University, Florida, students have the option of pursuing their associate's, bachelors or master's degree in a semester based calendar system. Students can expect to receive the most expert coaching by highly skilled professors in popular majors like Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Pharmacy, Business, and Accounting and Finance. The university also has faculty to assist in the study of International Business, International Economics, International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management of Information Technology, International Relations and Diplomacy, and International Management.
The Schiller International University's Florida campus also offers all necessary facilities like an up to date library, high-tech computer labs and WiFi facility throughout the campus.
The cost of studying at Schiller International University is, however, quite high, since it is a private, for-profit institution. The university accepts dual credits, credits for professional experience, as well as advanced placement credits for admission purposes. Keeping with time, Schiller International University also offers degree programs online. Apart from this the university also supports study abroad programs and evening or weekend study schedules, for students who work full-time. The University also offers part time working opportunities to its students on the campus. This helps most students in making their way through university.
Here are some of the most unique advantages of Schiller International University:

  • Option of earning a degree from USA or three other European countries;
  • In spite of its location, each campus uses English language for instructional purposes;
  • Opportunity to transfer to any of the Schiller campuses without losing credit; and
  • Opportunity to interact with students and faculty from over 100 countries worldwide.

In addition to all this, the Schiller International University has cooperative agreements with almost 40 universities and colleges around the world.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Is it compulsory to be associated with the army training to be eligible for the Schiller International University financial aid program?

A:For men to be eligible for the Schiller International University financial, it is mandatory to be registered with the U.S. Selective Service System, if you are between the ages of 18 and 25. It is not mandatory for women.

Q:Are students provided with any internship opportunities at the Schiller International University School of Tourism & Hospitality Mgmnt?

A:The International Hospitality and Tourism Management (BS) program offered at Schiller International University provide extensive internship opportunities to students through which students can get hands on industry based knowledge and experience in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. The internship opportunities are offered in the following settings: Chambers of Commerce - Local Tourism Promotion Agencies, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL, Restaurants, Motels, and Resorts,

Q:Are there any internship opportunities available with the Schiller international university hospitality program?

A:Yes, the Schiller International university hospitality program offers its student internship opportunities that are essential in understanding the hospitality industry from the inside. With the help of this program students will get an opportunity to work with Walt Disney Resorts, Regional Tourism Promotion Agencies and Chamber of Commerce-Local Tourism Agencies. For more information, students are requested to search our website,

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