San Diego Christian College

San Diego Christian College

The Beautiful Southern region of California is home to a prestigious private institution, San Diego Christian College. It is a major part of the vast educational network of San Diego, and is catering to the higher educational needs of students from across the state. San Diego Christian College was established in 1970 by Tim F. LaHaye as a top quality education service provider. The mission statement is to equip the students of today with knowledge and skills to make a positive change in the society.
San Diego Christian College is accredited by the Senior Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Programs at San Diego Christian College
The degree programs here are accredited by programmatic accrediting agencies. This ensures up to date curriculums and high quality standards. Degree programs are available at for bachelor degrees, master's degrees, and various short courses. Concentration areas offered here include arts, business, sciences, and more. These areas of study can also be pursued online through San Diego Christian College online degrees. San Diego Christian College is also a huge promoter of online education services.

The student faculty ratio at this college is 11-1. This reflects the high level of personalized attention students receive by faculty members. Teaching is considered as equipping students with theory based knowledge, hands on experience, and career related skills. The college has a separate team of educators that specifically teach students enrolled in San Diego Christian College online programs.

Campus Life
The institute is ranked amongst the top regional institutions when it comes to diverse recreational opportunities. The college aims at providing students with the chance to experience a active social life. There are a number of student-run organizations here, mainly in areas of athletics, social work, cultural work, and research.

Financial Aid
There are a number of financial aid options available for students who can't afford the tuition costs. San Diego Christian College also provides monetary assistance to international students. Federal loans, grants, work-study programs, and institutional scholarships are a few of the aid packages that students can apply for through a FAFSA application.

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