Saint Leo University Online

Saint Leo University Online

Saint Leo University is a non-profit Roman Catholic university based in Saint Leo, Florida with campuses in California, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Besides these, a ‘virtual campus’ offers online education programs for students across the world. Saint Leo University was founded in 1890 as the first college level Catholic institution in Florida. During the first year, the school enrolled merely 32 students engaged in the study of liberal arts and business studies. During the 1960s, the school received numerous donations from the Holy Name Monastery, and was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools in 1967.

Saint Leo University was one of the first in the country to seriously focus on online education, and that combined with generous grants, has made the institute one of the largest Catholic Universities in the world. Today more than 7,000 students, including a large number of enlisted personnel, are enrolled in various online programs. All students take a liberal arts based foundation course which helps students develop their written and oral communication skills, critical thinking abilities and analytical skills. Moreover, students also become proficient in the use of computers and information technology, and gain a valuable skill set that is considered extremely valuable by prospective employers.

Degrees are offered in the areas of Business Administration, Education, Social Sciences and the Liberal Arts with specializations including accounting, finance, marketing, public administration, elementary education, curriculum development, hospitality & tourism management, literature, environmental sciences, sociology, social work, medical technology, health information systems, computer science and communication studies. Students who want to enroll in an online course must submit an online registration application, a certified high school transcript or GED and the official transcript of an SAT or other college entrance exam. Military students can send a form DD214 to the admission department. Classes can then be taken online and students can use a wide variety of resources including an extensive online library, an online laboratory and video conferencing capabilities to communicate with teachers.

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Q:Are there any Saint Leo University online programs?

A:Yes. There are numerous Saint Leo University online programs listed at our website. You can explore and choose the area of your interest that appeals you.

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