Saint Francis University

Saint Francis University

Saint Francis University is a prestigious liberal arts college of Pennsylvania. Its degree programs are widely recognized and are currently pursued by approximately 2000 students. The university was set up in 1847 under the tradition of Franciscan Friars. St Francis of Assisi was a friar and a preacher who spread knowledge through his Franciscan French mission. To this day, Saint Francis University pays tribute to St Francis and is geared towards educating the youth of today for a better future.

Degree programs at Saint Francis University
The university offers over 30 concentration areas for undergraduate students and graduate students. Its core emphasis is on liberal art studies. Saint Francis University believes in achieving heights of excellence in academics by combining it with the Franciscan heritage, values, and traditions. The institute also specializes in online education, offering a wide range of Saint Francis University online degrees. Following listed are major areas of concentration offered here:
  • Arts and sciences
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Social work
  • Communication
  • mathematics
Saint Francis University online programs and campus based programs are carefully structured to incorporate all aspects of the chosen subject. Major emphasis is also laid upon skill development such as critical thinking skills, problem analysis skills, writing and reading skills, and presentation skills.

Faculty at Saint Francis University
Teachers and lecturers at Saint Francis University comprise of renowned professionals who have attained a reputation in the education field for their exceptional skills. They aim at not just supporting the academic needs of students, but also helping students acquire ethics and values as professionals.

Campus Life at Saint Francis University
The beautiful location of the institute in the highlands of Pennsylvania, make it a perfect place to experience nature and harmony. Following St Francis traditions, the university offers a range of recreational activities including sports events, spiritual programs, social work, and seminars.

Financial aid
Financial aid is another attractive feature here. With a strong commitment to educating the youth, the university offers financial assistance to all students who cannot afford tuition costs. Financial aid programs comprise of federal loans, state grants, work-study programs, and scholarships.

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