Pinnacle Career Institute

Pinnacle Career Institute

Pinnacle Career Institute has been around since 1953, but back then it was known as The Electronics Institute, in Missouri. Then in 1992, it was bought by Jeffery C. Freeman and Scott F. Freeman who revised the curriculum and added more courses to the programs already on offer. Finally in 2002, the school changed its name and became The Pinnacle Career Institute.
The second campus of Pinnacle is located in Lawrence and was originally a training school for Business and Industry. Scott F. and Jeffrey C. Freeman bought this school in 1998 and transformed it into Lawrence Career College. But in February 2003, this institute too was merged into the Pinnacle Career Institute. Both of Pinnacle’s campuses are accredited by the proper authorities for conducting courses in the various online programs.
In January 2005, Pinnacle Career Institute started the distance education programs through its Learning Management System. Now these online career education programs are available throughout the year and offer students a highly convenient way of education. Some of the fields in which these online courses are offered are Alternative Energy, Business, Health & Fitness, Medical, and Trades & Technical.
Moreover, Pinnacle Career Institute also offers high quality career training to its students. The institute has almost a 50 year old legacy of employing the most experienced and polished faculty. Pinnacle’s faculty selection criterion ensures that only the best and most highly qualified professionals, with the most experience get to teach at this institute. Most of the instructors are also well known for their academic excellence in their respective fields. Such faculty along with a small class size ensures that each student gets maximum attention and time with their instructors.
The school’s entire online curriculum is focused on the needs of highly career oriented students. Even while studying online, the faculty encourages reflections of real-world experience in the students’ work. In fact, in most courses, the real world experience is an essential part. This is why, even as students pursue their higher education from the comfort of their own homes, they demonstrate immense confidence in their chosen practical field. 
Even though Pinnacle’s online programs were started in 2005, they have recently gained immense popularity, due to which new programs are added in each session. So far the fields of studies available online include Alternative Energy, Business, Health and Fitness, Human Resources, Medicine, Health Information Technology, Personal Training, and Medical Billing and Coding.  Apart from formal degrees, the Pinnacle Career Institute also offers certification courses in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding and Personal Training. 
All lessons are available online and great emphasis is put on the online interaction of students with other students and faculty. Students are also encouraged to be actively involved in community forums. The emphasis on making online education as enriching as an on-campus education makes this a well-reputed educational institute.

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