Performance Training Institute

Performance Training Institute
Performance Training Institute, mostly referred to as PTI, is a career focused facility guiding students how to make their way up in their professional careers. The facility provides outstanding education and career guidance, and is known the most for its expertise in medical studies. For more than 30 years, Performance Training Institute has not only been offering prominent training and career facilities but also polishing the individuals to become caring and accommodating citizens.

Performance Training Institute Degree Programs
PTI is known for providing education and career trainings which have industry focused curriculums and aim to enhance the abilities of the students by preparing them for the daily tasks at work. PTI is acknowledged for its contributions to the healthcare sector. Here are some of the most sought after specializations being offered:
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Business Applications
  • Medical Assisting
The Medical Billing and Coding certificate program prepares students to take up administrative level job positions in the healthcare industry with the knowledge of medical coding and billing. Students can complete their training and be eligible to sit for the national licensure examination for medical billing and coding. The Business Applications program familiarizes students with the basic softwares which are used only daily basis for business purposes. These include Adobe Acrobat, Quickbooks, Microsoft Office and more. This certificate program allows students to take working positions like office administrator.

The Medical Assisting certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills of basic medical operations and procedures alongside acquainting them with office administration. Students of this certificate program are also taught health insurance rules and regulations.

Performance Training Institute Online Degrees
PTI also offers the above mentioned certificates in their online programs. Students who cannot attend traditional campus-based classes can get enrolled in the Performance Training Institute online programs and complete the degrees at a pace of their own without having to rush to match the speed of the classmates. They get to make their own class schedules and take the class from anywhere on the globe with an internet connection.

PTI is accredited with the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:While searching for performance training institute, I came across Medical Administrative Assistant resident program. What courses are included in its curriculum?

A:Medical Administrative Assistant resident program would be mentioned when searching for Performance Training Institute. Some of the courses included in this program are Computer and Office Applications, Medical Terminology, Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing & Insurance and Professionals & Career Development. In terms of employment, there is a lot of potential for students with this qualification

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