Pacific Oaks College

Pacific Oaks College

Pacific Oaks College is located in California. Established almost sixty years ago, this college has made its mark in providing transformative education. This refers to the fact that Pacific Oaks’ course curriculum and environment is specifically targeted to cater to the needs of adults and non-traditional students. It focuses on transforming the lives of the people for the better. The college itself is run by a dedicated administration team that is keen in helping those students who come back to complete their bachelors degree or those that are interested in pursuing a masters degree in their area of study.

Pacific Oaks College aims at empowering its students to achieve their dreams. The hallmark of this college is its library, known as the ‘Andrew Norman Library’, which has an entire set of instructional sites for the benefit of the students. The college offers degrees at the bachelors and masters level. It is regionally and nationally accredited which shows the quality of education imparted at Pacific Oaks.

The faculty at the college makes effort to go the extra mile for the students. Interaction between the students and the teachers is not just limited to the four walls of the classroom. In fact, students are often seen having a talk with their instructors out of class in the ground or cafeteria. This helps strengthen the bond students have with their teachers and peers. The faculty provides a large pool of academic resources to the students from which they can benefit. The student body also takes interest in maintaining high academic standards.

Pacific Oaks offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The uniqueness of this college is that it offers courses pertaining to a variety of social issues prevalent in the world today. Thus, one can find ‘early childhood education’ being offered at the undergraduate level while ‘marriage and family therapy’ being offered at the master’s level. Studying such courses at university helps students to become responsible citizens of the society.

Pacific Oaks Online Programs

Pacific Oaks College offers online programs as well at the bachelor and masters level. These programs save one on time and money. The flexible class schedule ensures that the student can study efficiently while managing his or her family life too. In addition to this, completing a program online costs less. However, the quality of education imparted in the online programs is of the same standard as that done formally in the college. Opting for programs online is becoming a trend at Pacific Oaks College because it offers immense convenience to the students.

Almost all the programs that are offered formally at the college are also offered online. The resource material and other academic stuff are available online too. Pacific Oaks can be considered one of the pioneers in providing such courses online that address social issues and thus help make people better citizens.

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