Ottawa University

Ottawa University

Ottawa University is a private non-profit university located in Ottawa, Kansas, United States. Founded in 1865, it is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA which means that the university is faith-based. It is a liberal arts university. Ottawa University has come into the limelight and is now known for providing quality liberal arts education to the students while keeping their faith in their religion alive.

Ottawa University offers a wide array of programs at both, the undergraduate and graduate level. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in more than 25 programs including art, business administration, human services, information technology, religion and sociology. Masters degrees are offered in business administration and in human resources, among many others. The diversity of choice the students have at Ottawa University is immense. And this helps the students opt for the most feasible program for themselves.

Ottawa University students are well-equipped with the modern liberal arts education to compete in the practical world. The campus life is vibrant with many student-run societies including music, debates and performing arts. The interaction between peers encourages healthy debate on and off campus. The campus has residential colleges established to establish a healthy fraternity environment. Students come together on various occasions in academic and extra-curricular arenas to showcase their skills.

Ottawa University Online Programs

Ottawa University works keenly to facilitate the students on various grounds. Because of this, the university offers online programs for students. The online programs offered are at the undergraduate and graduate level. These programs come with the advantage of flexible timings meaning that rather than following a strict timetable, the students can study at their own ease and comfort. Ottawa University online programs are less expensive as compared to getting oneself enrolled in the University for formal Education. These programs save time and their course material is well-structured. Only a computer with an internet connection is needed to benefit from the online programs.

Ottawa University online programs are also accredited regionally and nationally. The accreditation mechanism is such that the quality of liberal arts education imparted at the University is kept under check and is maintained. Increasingly, more and more students are now opting for online programs as it saves them on time and money. The students are also able to manage their work and family life while studying. The online programs are no less than a blessing for such students who have a very busy schedule out of school. Virtual learning, as it is sometimes called, is highly encouraged at Ottawa. Professors make sure that there is no discrepancy in the quality of teaching in online programs and traditional style of teaching. Ottawa University is a good package for those students looking to earn a degree in liberal arts.

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