Ocean County College

Ocean County College

Located in the Toms River area, the Ocean County College is a two-year public community college which is sponsored by the Ocean County and the State of New Jersey. The college has been successfully providing quality higher education to the residents of New Jersey for the past 40 years. However, amongst its most acclaimed degree programs is the college’s on-campus and online nursing degree programs.

Presently the Ocean County College offers nursing classes during the day and in evenings, while clinical courses are conducted only during the day. The traditional on-campus classes are a combination of theoretical study and clinical experience. This kind of training helps students prepare for not just nursing but a number of other careers in the healthcare sector as well.

Most of the nursing programs delivered at the Ocean County College are focused on helping students earn their RN degree. For this purpose, class are conducted once or thrice a week. For online students this is made possible with the help of on-site host institutions supplemented by web-assisted instruction. It is advisable for all students interested in joining the field of nursing to have some prior hands-on healthcare experience in order to get admission in the Ocean County College Nursing program.

Ocean County College AAS/RN Program

The Ocean County College’s highly acclaimed nursing program started providing quality education in this field in 1966 and since then there has been no looking back. A highly celebrated and skilled faculty of twelve full-time and twenty-five part-time clinical instructors are responsible for turning out some of the best trained nursing professionals of the country.

The college’s nursing program offers a variation in Associates Degrees (AAS) in nursing, including the following:

The most popular is the Traditional Nursing Program. Each year almost 90 students are enrolled in the Fall and Spring semesters respectively. The college ensures the utmost convenience to students by giving them the option of attending classes during the day or in the evening session twice a week, while clinical are assigned by the nursing office and conducted once a week. Clinicals are not offered during the evening sessions or over the weekend. However, to live up to the clinical objectives, clinical experiences can attained from any institute throughout NJ. Although the study schedule in these programs is quite flexible, yet students are advised not to work full time so they can concentrate on their studies better.

The Ocean County College also offers On Site On Line Nursing Programs. This program is unique in the sense that although it is a full-time program, the students enrolled in it attend classes once or twice per week but the rest of the course work is conducted online. this type of programs are ideal for students who are working part-time. This program may come across as easy and flexible but in reality it is quite rigorous. For enrollment students need to have a previous experience of providing healthcare.

The next option is most popular program at the Ocean County College is he Career Mobility Nursing Program. This is an alternative program for qualified LPN's. For enrollment students need to have the nursing general education as well as a passing TEAS score.

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