Mid Atlantic Christian University

Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Founded in 1948 as Roanoke Bible College, the Mid-Atlantic Christian University is a private 4-year university located in Elizabeth City, NC. It offers degrees and certificates in biblical studies, youth and family studies, Christian arts and science, elementary education, counseling and entrepreneurial leadership.

MACU is committed to provide quality academic programs in order to train extraordinary leaders. It hones the skills and talents of students and prepares them for the dynamic challenges of today’s job market.

The 6 decades of experience makes MACU one of the best universities to acquire a higher education. Though it is private, its tuition cost is about half the national average cost for private academic institutes.

The university not only pays attention to the academic and professional goals of students but it also makes sure that the spiritual aspects of students’ life get sufficient light so that they can become constructive members of the society.


MACU is accredited by The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is also a member of American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges.

Mid Atlantic Christian University Programs

Mid Atlantic Christian University degrees include the bachelor of arts and the bachelor of science degrees in a wide array of concentrations. The associate programs are also available. The B.A. and the B.S. requires a major in Bible and Theology. In addition, students may have to complete an internship requirement as well where they get a chance to get the real world exposure.

Some of the areas in which students can pursue degrees or certificates at MACU are applied linguistics, biblical & theological studies, entrepreneurial leadership, cross-cultural ministry, missions’ aviation, counseling & psychology, elementary education and nursing.

The wide variety of programs at MACU allows students to choose degrees according to their individual academic and professional objectives. As learners get practical training in several programs, they are well-positioned to enter the job market once they graduate.


The faculty pays personal attention to every student and enables them to pursue their educational and professional goals to pursue promising careers. Most of the instructors hold a Ph.D. or equivalent.

Financial Aid

Mid Atlantic Christian University offers a wide array of financial aid packages in order to help students coming from diverse background afford a MACU education in a convenient manner. The Financial Aid Office is dedicated to design aid packages that perfectly suit the individual needs of students. Students can avail funds in the forms of scholarships such as Alumni Dependent Scholarships, Bible Quiz Scholarships, Convention Scholarship, merit based scholarships, Christian Character and Leadership Scholarship and more. Federal financial aid is also available in the form of federal grants, federal loans and federal work study. To apply for a financial aid package, students must fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


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