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Mid America Christian University
Mid America Christian University (MACU), as the name suggests, aims at providing the students with Bible-based academic learning in a Christian environment. “Dream bigger, do greater” is the underlying purpose of MACU. It is an online university that provides immense opportunities to students to fulfill their academic needs in a religious ambience. During the last four years, the student body strength of MACU has more than doubled. The reason for this growth lies in the life-changing programs offered by the university which aim at increasing one’s employment chances.
Mid America Christian University provides a flexible learning environment for people who wish to acquire a good liberal arts education. Students can either complete their education on-campus in Oklahoma City, or they can benefit from the Mid America Christian University online programs. Thus students can enroll and study at their own timings while maintaining other daily routine commitments.
Online MACU College and Degrees
What makes Mid America Christian University stand out from its counterparts is the fact that their online course instruction quality is of the same level as that imparted on campus. The online degrees are essentially accelerated programs of the same kind that are offered on campus. This in turn helps the students in completing their degree in less than the time it would take them otherwise. Online degrees are offered for both bachelors and masters programs.
Mid America Christian University does not discount the importance of real world experiences and focuses on imparting practical knowledge. The variety of courses offered spans from business to music, counseling to history, bible and theology to leadership, and government to ministry. The aim of MACU is to reinforce one’s values in a Christian learning environment while leading to a successful future.
Financial Aid
MACU is very particular about helping its students meet college expenses. Financial assistance is provided to those who apply for it. Grants, scholarships and loans are given out to students who cannot afford the educational expenses.
Issue-based Curriculum
One aspect of the Mid America Christian University that really distinguishes it from other Christian colleges is its issue-based curriculum. MACU designs its curriculum content in such a way so as to address current issues facing our society or the world as a whole. But discussions on topics like shortage of food or water are not merely confined to the classroom. Practical work is done to come up with solutions to such issues in collaboration with different international organizations.
Faculty and Mentors
The cordial faculty members of MACU and peer-to-peer mentors help the incoming students adjust to the university environment as easily as possible. The mentors develop a close relationship with the students in order to guide them in different spheres of college life. The faculty is seen as a helping hand to facilitate the students in matters of setting priorities and juggling studies and work. It is because of this support that students of MACU will always be distinguishable.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the contents of the course on Introduction to Business in the Mid-America Christian University online degrees?

A:The Mid-America Christian University Online Degrees have dedicated course on Introduction to Business. This course usually is worth 2 credits. It is designed to provide students with substantial understanding of the broader views of business worlds. Students are also highlighted on the concepts of business environment and understanding of technology, marketing and management.

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