Mayfield College

Mayfield College

An accredited institute committed to student success, Mayfield College offers a wide range of programs in healthcare, business, and technology. It aims to help students acquire the skills and knowledge required for pursuing opportunities in their desired fields. The college has a supportive environment and has several facilities and resources that help students benefit from an enriching learning experience.

The mission of Mayfield is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to succeed in their professional endeavors. The college has an up-to-date curriculum that reflects the current needs of the real world and offers flexible class schedules to meet the needs of the working adults. In addition, it provides personal, one-on-one academic guidance and support as well.

Mayfield College values small class sizes, hands-on training and individual attention. This is why its faculty is always there to help students and makes sure they achieve their educational and professional goals in an effective way. The college also offers financial aid to eligible students and helps them explore ways of funding the costs of study.

At Mayfield College, the interest of the students is given due consideration. From enrollment through graduation, the college tries to facilitate students in every possible way.

MayfieldCollege Programs
Mayfield programs are designed to help build the foundation for long and successful careers. Students can choose from a wide range of programs and acquire knowledge and skills that may help them succeed in their preferred area of study. Some of the programs available at Mayfield include computer support technician, general office management, and HVAC/R. Students who want to become medical assistants or massage therapists can also find relevant programs at this college.

Financial Aid
Mayfield College believes that money should not be a hindrance in the way of individuals who want to benefit from a high-standard of education. This is why it has designed a financial assistance program that may help eligible students finance their education-related expenses. At present, about 95% of the students get financial aid in some form. Students can apply for grants, scholarships or student loans.

Mayfield College is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education to award Certificates and Diplomas. The Council on Occupational Education is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education.

Why Mayfield College?
There are a number of reasons that make Mayfield a great place to pursue acquire skills and knowledge in various areas of study. Its experienced instructors, wide range of programs, flexible schedules, financial assistance and small class sizes are just some of the features that make Mayfield stand apart from other colleges. The college also has the latest resources and equipment that help students learn in an effective manner. There are many who find that they have a limited amount of time and need to get develop a career in the shortest possible time. They may also not want to spend many years at college and so can benefit from the many short-duration programs offered by Mayfield.

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