Marygrove College

Marygrove College

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Marygrove is a renowned private educational institute. It was founded in 1905 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM). Being an accredited institute, Marygrove College is recognized for its quality education and facilities. The faculty at Marygrove College is highly qualified and experienced. Thousands of students belonging to different ages, culture and ethnic backgrounds are undertaking educational programs at Marygrove College.

Marygrove College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. HLC is a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools which is the largest of six regional associations. Marygrove College is also accredited by Michigan State Department of Education and Council of Social Work and Education.

Programs offered by Marygrove College
Marygrove College offers a number of undergraduate programs. These include 31 Major Programs in addition to 16 Certificate Programs. Students can also enroll in a wide array of graduate programs offered by this institute. They can choose from 7 Major Programs. Also, there are 4 Certificate Programs of graduate level studies that can be pursued at Marygrove College.

Disciplines offered by Marygrove College
Students are provided with the option of selecting from a wide array of concentration at Marygrove College. They can opt to pursue degree or certificate undergraduate and gradate programs from concentrations such as:

Child Development
Learning Strategies
Early Childhood Education
Educational Technology
Human Resources Management
Reading & Literacy
Social Justice
International Studies
Social Work
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice
Social Studies

Financial Aid
Marygrove College offers different financial aids to facilitate more and more students to gain higher education with ease. Students may benefit from financial aid options such as:


Program Listing

Education Teaching

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are most popular programs at the Marygrove College?

A:The most popular programs offered at the Marygrove College include Bachelor's degree program in business administration, Master's degree program in business administration and Bachelor of information technology management degree program.

Q:What are the various financial aids offered in the Marygrove College Nursing program?

A:The Marygrove College Nursing program offers numerous financial aids. These include Grants, Scholarships, Work-study, Student Loans etc.

Q:How can I get enrolled in the Marygrove College Masters in Social Work Justice?

A:The Masters in Social Justice is a graduate program offered by the Marygrove College. To get enrolled in the Master's program of the institute, you need to have a bachelor's degree in a related field, some level of work experience, and also submit a statement of purpose. The Master in Social Justice degree from Marygrove College can be completed within two years.

Q:Marygrove College Healthcare Administration program includes which degrees?

A:Marygrove College Healthcare Administration program includes a bunch of programs at the associate and the bachelor’s level. It also offers a few certificates relating the field of healthcare administration. These include certificate in Pharmacy Technician and Gerontology. Areas of concentration offered at the bachelor level degrees at Marygrove College include Gerontology, Health Science Interdisciplinary, Pharmacy Technician, and Pre-dental/Pre-medical.

Q:What is the course curriculum of Mary Grove College Masters in Education program?

A:The master’s degree program of teaching and education offered at MaryGrove College focuses on training students to become excellent teachers and instructors in the future. The courses curriculum of the master’s degree in education comprises of topics such as: foundations of reading and literacy, assessment and intervention, instructional design, teacher as a leader, data analysis and probability, effective assessment, curriculum development, and evidence based interventions.

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