Loyola University New Orleans Online

Loyola University New Orleans Online

Loyola University New Orleans
Loyola University New Orleans was established in 1904 and has since maintained its reputation as a leading educational institution. The university comprises five different schools in different disciplines, namely the College of Business, College of Humanities and Natural Sciences, College of Law, College of Music and Fine Arts, and College of Social Sciences. The university has its campus in New Orleans, Louisiana but it also offers online degree programs to its students.
Loyola University has set a benchmark that is very hard to surpass for other institutions. It provides accredited online graduate programs with flexible timings. Some of their online degrees include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • BLEND Program (MSN Bridge)
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Doctor of Nurse Practice
  • Master of Pastoral Studies
  • Master of Religious Education

Loyola University gained national recognition when its online program on nursing was ranked among the top five in the country.
Online Learning Benefits
Loyola University New Orleans’ online programs have targeted curricula to enhance accelerated learning. The course material is accessible via the internet and the university offers technical support around the clock. Access to peers through online networking is also a feature of the online programs at the university. The virtual bookstore available online provides useful resources to students enrolled in online programs. Loyola University’s online classes are fully interactive meaning that one can feel the atmosphere of the classroom while sitting in his/her home.
Financial Aid and Tuition
The tuition fee at Loyola varies from program to program. To help deserving students have a chance at quality education, the university also grants many loans. The university uses FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine the amount of aid to be given to a student.
A Multi-Cultural Experience
Loyola University draws students having different interests and from all around the world. The online discussion forums serve as a platform to interact with individuals coming from various backgrounds. The university shows its commitment to learning outside the classroom. In essence, that’s the best a university can offer and Loyola University New Orleans is one of its kind in this regard.
Alumni Network
Loyola University has a very vast and well-connected alumni network. Loyola graduates have developed a strong association with the university over the years. That is the prime reason why alumni contribute substantially to the university in terms of finances and other aspects. The ‘Alumni Association’ of the university organizes annual meetings to update the graduates with the progress of the university and also to seek valuable feedback from them. The alumni involvement plays a key role in the running of the university.
In the words of Jane Savage, associate professor and coordinator at the Loyola University, “we have always been pioneers. Whether we’re breaking down gender barriers in the workplace, or fulfilling the academic and professional needs of our community, Loyola University was – and will always be – a groundbreaking institution.”

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