Lesley University

Lesley University

Lesley University aims to prepare students to take up the challenges of tomorrow. It engages learners in transformative education by means of dynamic learning and scholarly research. The university is well recognized for its combination of rigorous academics with professional experience, leading to prolific careers.

Lesley University is commitment to academic excellence through its innovative, interdisciplinary academic programs. Lesley students strive for social justice and fairness to contour a world that promotes uprightness without discrimination.

The university encourages freedom of expression, and the open exchange of ideas. This is why its graduates are perfectly prepared to take part in the cultural, political and financial challenges of their nation and the world. For more than a century, the university has been promoting higher education through its innovative programs that foster professionalism and bring out the best within the learners.

The schools and colleges under Lesley University include College of Art and Design, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education and Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Lesley University Online Programs

Lesley University also offers a number of online programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. These programs are designed keeping in view the busy routine of individuals who wish to pursue higher education but their personal or professionals circumstances do not allow them. They can enroll in bachelor’s or master’s degree in various areas of study such as business management or psychology or get into masters degrees in ecological teaching and learning, educational technology, individually designed program for educators, science in education or other concentrations and study at timings that befit their individual routine.

In addition to the degree programs, the university also offers various certificate programs in mathematics education, special education, teaching English to speakers of other languages and other disciplines.

Students in the online programs can complete a program at their own pace. The classes are small so that each learner can get individual attention from the instructors. Students can decide when and where to access course materials. They are provided with a number of learning tools such as blogs, online databases, libraries and other tools that help them learn in an effective manner and stay in touch with the instructors and classmates. Online programs at Lesley University are not only flexible but also affordable.

Online Faculty

The efficient, professional and experienced online faculty of Lesley University is always there to guide the students.  They provide clear direction and feedback, motivating students to achieve their educational and professional goals in the best possible manner. They have the real world experience that backs their knowledge, allowing students to benefit from their practical understanding essential to excel in the job market.

Why Lesley University Online Program?

The online academic programs at Lesley University can give individuals an edge that can help them pursue promising careers in the fields of their choice. They can enjoy the freedom of studying at timings that suit them and pursue their educational and professional goals without compromising on their other ventures. Learners in the Lesley University online programs can maintain the right balance between their family, professional and academic life, which is often not possible on campus.

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