Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College
Lancaster Bible College, often known as LBC, is a Bible coeducational institute which was established in 1933. It focuses on offering religious education alongside the worldly knowledge. It aims to educate students in a manner that they live their lives in the light of Bible and serve the community. LBC is accredited with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Lancaster Bible College Degree Programs
LBC has a comprehensive academic program which allows students to take undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. These include certificate, associate, bachelor, master, doctoral, and post-graduate certificate programs. Here are some of the popular specializations offered at LBC:
  • Church and Ministry Leadership
  • Counseling and Social Work
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Worship and Performing Arts
  • Education
  • Leadership
Students can opt for any of the above mentioned specializations. Candidates interested in taking beginner level education can get enrolled in the one year certificate or the two year associate's degree. For comprehensive theoretical background of the specialization, students can take the four year's bachelor program followed by the two year master's degree for professional experience. Doctorate degree can be completed in another three years or more, depending on the mode of education selected.

Lancaster Bible College Online Degrees
Students who do not wish to follow the above mentioned durations for completing the degree programs can get enrolled in the Lancaster Bible College online programs and take as much time as they see fit. Class schedules of the online degrees are also flexible and students can take their class from anywhere with a single internet connection only.

Lancaster Bible College Financial Aid
The financial aid program of LBC allows students to apply for student loans, grants, scholarships, and student-employment programs offered by the federal government. Students in financial need can submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and get assistance according to their application. Students with outstanding academic records can also apply for merit-based scholarships and pay for their college. In both cases, students receiving financial aid have to maintain the satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive the aid.

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