Ivy Bridge College

Ivy Bridge College

Ivy Bridge College is a coeducational college and a part of the nationally accredited Tiffin University located in Tiffin, Ohio. The college is semi-independent but all the degrees granted are from Tiffin University; hence, they are accredited and among the top notch.

One of the main features of Ivy Bridge College is its concentration on providing mentoring and guidance to its students. The college believes in unlocking the potential of each student by appointing a faculty member as the success coach for the student who guides him/her with focus on courses taken, career choices and personality development.

Ivy Bridge College Programs Information:

The college programs are state-of-the-art and Ivy Bridge College reviews are equivalent to those of the top colleges in the nation. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The basic purpose of the college is to prepare students for transferring to 4 year colleges. The students experiment with their fields of interest in the cooperative and mentoring atmosphere of the college and after deciding what they want from their lives and which career they want to pursue, they can transfer to any of the 4 years colleges with which the Ivy Bridge College is affiliated. The college also offers online associate degrees in diverse subjects such as accounting, criminal justice, business, healthcare, general studies, etc.

Ivy Bridge College Faculty

The faculty at Ivy Bridge College is dedicated to achieving the main goal of the college i.e. successful mentoring of its students. The teachers are well-trained in their respective fields and impart theoretical as well as practical industry-specific knowledge to their students. Hence, the students are in a better position to decide about their future education and career.

Financial Aid at Ivy Bridge College:

Ivy Bridge College offers online associate degrees; therefore, students save a lot of money by not commuting and by staying at home. However, deserving students who still need financial aid for paying their college fees can apply for the various state and federal loans and grants.

For detailed Ivy Bridge College degrees information, students can also search the degree program of their choice here.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Which are the most popular Ivy Bridge programs?

A:Ivy Bridge College is an accredited college under the renowned Tiffen University. The institute offers a number of associate's degree programs in various specializations such as Criminal Justice, Technology, Liberal Arts, and Business Administration. Applicants can also pursue further specialized degrees in courses such as Accounting, General Studies, Law Enforcement, and Computer and Information Technology.

Q:While searching for the Ivy Bridge College degrees information, I came across a trades and careers degree. What is that?

A:Trades and careers degree is the study of how to enhance your vocational potential to ultimately help you earn money. The need for people with skills and knowledge of vocational fields is immense and the job market forever alive, more so in this era of corporate collapse. So if you are thinking of taking up this course, rest assured that it is a field full of growth and potential.

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