Huntington University

Huntington University

Located in Huntington, IN, is one of the state’s most oldest and renowned higher education institutions, Huntington University. The university was established in 1987 as a private institution, specializing in undergraduate degree programs and graduate studies. Over the years, Huntington University has expanded its program offerings and has acquired a top ranking in the nation’s best academic institutions. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Program Offerings

Over 1200 students are currently enrolled in Huntington’s degree programs. The university offers a wide range of degree programs in numerous academic fields. These include the following: art, kinesiology, recreation management, bible and religion, mathematics, ministry foundation, biology, business, music, communication, digital media arts, political science, education, psychology, computer science, pre-law, and language.

With such a vast range of specialization areas available, Huntington University attracts students from all corners of the globe. Students can pursue their academic goals at associate, bachelor, and graduate level. Course structures strictly follow guidelines designed by the Higher Education Commission. Students are assured that they receive updated curriculums and best quality services. US News & World Report has ranked Huntington University as the 6th Best Baccalaureate College in the Midwest Region.

Online Education

Given that online education has become a popular means of acquiring higher education, Huntington University has added distant learning to its list of educational services. Many students are unable to access campus based institutes due to various restraints. Keeping in mind these restraints, Huntington University aims at making it possible for everyone to fulfill their academic objectives conveniently.

Huntington University online programs and classes are available in many academic fields. Some courses can be studied completely online without having to visit the campus. Apart from the regular degree options, a number of short courses and adult programs are also available. RN to BSN, Marketing, Business administration, and organizational management are a few of the online areas that show the highest number of enrollments at Huntington University.

Student Life at Huntington

One of the key factors that make this University a great place to study is the spiritual atmosphere. The university provides its residents the opportunity to take part in a number of social activities. Students here can seek guidance and counseling, take part in sports activities, manage events and fairs, and participate in community/social work projects. It is not just the quality academics that make Huntington one of the best, students facilities add to the university’s repute.

Financial Assistance

Educational costs have been on the rise in recent years, making it difficult for many students to cover their educational expenditures. But at Huntington University, students can easily seek financial assistance to help pay their dues. Whether its Huntington university online degrees or campus based programs, monetary help can be acquired for all kinds of programs here. Huntington University is dedicated to going one step further to help its students maintain financial health. Some of the most popular aid programs available here include federal loans, scholarship programs, grants, and work-study programs.

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