Hope International University

Hope International University

Located in Southern California, Hope is a private Christian university that offers a wide range of academic programs at various levels. Besides the conventional on-campus courses, there are over 250 fully accredited Hope international university online programs that Students can choose from.

A number of adult students are now turning to online education. Online programs are a great option whether students are exploring programs for future education or considering going back to school. They are particularly useful for adult students and working individuals. They enable students to manage their professional responsibilities alongside education. Students will be able to continue their job and study within the comfort and convenience of their homes. Students are assigned an ID that'll let them access their eCollege account at any time. Online programs also prove to be cost effective as they help students cut down on travel expenses. However these programs are equally rigorous in terms of curriculum and make no sacrifice as far as quality of education is concerned. In order to complete the program successfully, students will need to maintain consistency and attend classes on a regular basis.

Hope University's online programs are designed in such a way that students receive one-on-one attention. To ensure that your experience remains interactive as well as productive, you can take part in discussion forums with other students and also chat with instructors. These programs offer online video lectures and like conventional programs, you'll be required to submit regular assignments and take tests. You'll be able to easily download course material and access online library resources. At the end of the session, final exams will be scheduled. To provide efficient support to online students, Hope University relies on the use of its latest eCollege software. Each student will also be assigned an academic coach who'll be responsible for providing assistance with any queries or problems that they may come across during the course of their online program.

You'll be able to find programs offered by almost any department. These include:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Business & Management
  • College of Education
  • Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies
  • College of Psychology & Counseling

When online education initially became a reality, it was merely seen as a way of taking up short professional or certification courses but today you'll find many full length programs being offered online. Hope University offers courses at both graduate and undergraduate level. Whereas some programs are offered completely online, others are available as hybrid programs i.e. a combination of online and on-campus instruction. Such programs are offered in case of disciplines that require hands-on knowledge and training.

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