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Homburg Academy
Homburg Real Estate Academy
The Homburg Real Estate Academy, as suggested by its title, offers unique real estate courses at the graduate and undergraduate level. The Homburg Academy degree programs have been launched by the Homburg Global Education Project and are basically made up of two main institutions namely the Homburg Academy Switzerland, the Homburg Institute Canada. One deals with the degree-granting process and the other deals with research.

Degree Programs
The degrees have been designed with great care and attention, catering to all aspects of the Real Estate field that have been integrated into the bachelor, master, diploma as well as the certificate programs. Therefore, completing this degree means that you'll have acquired all the qualities that are required to excel in the respective field. Moreover, these degrees are overseen at an international level by an Advisory Academic Board which is composed of renowned leading academics in their respective fields.

The Academic Board ensures quality by means of regulations and a code of practice that has been established by the prestigious Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education of the United Kingdom.

The degree programs at Homburg combine inter disciplinary knowledge with real world applications to produce real estate workers that are truly outstanding in their field. The programs developed by Homburg Academy teach the ABCs of real estate essential for working your way to the top.

Undergraduate Programs
The Homburg Academy degree programs work in a way to build up your concepts from the ground-up. The bachelor programs aim to create a strong base in real estate which would help all those employed in this popular field such as managers, real estate developers and finance specialists. The solid foundation created by the bachelor in real estate focuses on core courses and work on a variety of elective courses that will not only help you to excel in the field but will also allow you to advance to higher level courses easily.

The Homburg Academy has also initiated new bachelor degrees in real estate development and in real estate business, finance and investment which will commence in the new term of September 2013. Some of the undergraduate courses available include:
  • Sustainable Real Estate
  • Real Estate Asset Repositioning
  • Project Management
  • Micro and Macro Economics
  • International Political Economy
Homburg Academy also allows for the option of online study. This option can allow students to avail distance learning from a top-notch university, enabling students to study at their own pace. The university employs the prospect of video lecturing led by valued professors which create an online environment that is conducive to learning.

Graduate Programs
Graduate programs offered by Homburg Academy include about eleven various programs that each deal with a different type of specialization. The institute even offers online courses and study-abroad options. You will find a wide variety of pursuable courses at Homburg Academy, some of which are:
  • Urban Economics
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Data Analysis and Critical Thinking
  • International Real Estate

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