Greenville College

Greenville College

Students looking for an institute that offers a wide range of degrees may want to look into Greenville College programs. Founded in 1892, Greenville College provides quality education in a number of disciplines. The free Methodist church set up the college curriculum to provide religiously centered education following the motto of “education for character”. This motto was set by the first president of the college Wilson T. Hogue and today more than a century later; the college is still fulfilling this purpose by empowering students for a life of character and service. The current degrees provide a perfect blend of modern day education with a religious centric approach.

Range of Degrees

The college offers students with a number of advantages. For the most part, the college offers undergraduate degrees in over fifty subjects. This allows students with differing educational backgrounds and different interests to find something that they prefer. Realizing the need for modern day education for adults, the college also offers a number of adult and graduate education programs. Students are also able to take up certain degree programs online with the help of the distant learning portal option. This option is available for undergraduate, graduate and adult learners.

Featured Majors

Greenville college provides students with a range of majors to choose from, each just as competitive and comprehensive as the other. Amongst the many major disciplines available, the following are the most popular:

  • Art Major- this includes a wide range of liberal, performing and graphic art discipline branches. Students willing to take admission into any one of the art major, sub major degree programs can do so provided they satisfy each program’s individual admission requirements.

  • Biology Major- this includes degrees which allow students a choice between some of the most competitive and diverse biological sciences. Students can choose to study this major from a general point of view or further take up a concentration within the field.

  • Education Major- this includes degrees that prepare students for a career in teaching.  Students can choose between many focus areas such as special education, adult education and even Montessori teaching certificate modules.

  • Management Major- this involves a blend of competitive entry and advanced level management courses. Business studies, administrative courses and other basic management modules allow students to receive a well-rounded management education.

The above featured majors can be studied through three and four year degree systems. The college also offers a number of online education options for students who may want to take up distant learning. Honors and special requirement certificate courses are also available for students.

Scholarships and financial help

Students, who are seeking admission to Greenville college programs, may be interested to know that the college has many financial support programs. These have been designed to accommodate students with the cost of education. Realizing the fact that education is an expensive investment, the college embarks on many ways to ease the burden. The institute provides multiple merit scholarships, grants and stipends. They also provide students with support in acquiring external financial aid.

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