Graceland University

Graceland University

Approved by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), Graceland University is a liberal-arts university offering academic programs in popular fields of study. Founded in 1895 as Lamoni College, the university, after several transformations, now holds two highly-accredited campuses in Lamoni, Iowa and Independence, Missouri. The university also offers high tech online degrees in fields of nursing and education.

With 2,300 students studying at the two campuses, the university’s goal is to reveal and develop the hidden potential of its students so that they are ready for the challenges of practical life and have successful, meaningful futures. The university focuses on wholeness i.e. the development of physical, spiritual, social and intellectual dimensions of a student.

Graceland University Programs Information:

The Lamoni campus of Graceland University offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in diverse subjects such as accounting, economics, business, criminal justice, health, history, physical education, music, etc. The Bachelor of Science degree is offered in various science subjects and nursing. There are also pre-professional programs at the Lamoni campus preparing students for successful careers in law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.

The Independence campus offers bachelor degrees in business administration, health care management, nursing, criminal justice, health services, etc. Furthermore, Grace University has a first-rate online program offering master’s level degrees in education, nursing and religion.

The university is known for imparting career-oriented, high-tech knowledge to its students which is why Grace University reviews are always positive and

Grace University has a highly trained faculty and most of the instructors hold the highest degrees in their respective fields from prestigious universities. Furthermore, they are practically experienced in the industry and inculcate real-world knowledge in their students besides the text-book instructions. Besides the faculty, Grace University has a highly-dedicated administration staff.

Financial Aid at Grace University:

Grace University provides students with economical, quality academic programs. The university grants awards for outstanding performance in academics, athletics and fine arts to both international and national students. Moreover, the university has various financial aid packages such as loans, federal and state grants, work-study jobs. Over 99 percent of the students receive some kind of financial assistance.

For detailed Grace University degrees information, students can search the degree program of their choice here.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What undergraduate Graceland university nursing are available?

A:The Graceland University offers a number of Undergraduate Nursing programs. Students can enroll themselves in RN to BSN, BSN to RN and Health Care Management programs. All of these programs are have an extensive curriculum with all topics discussed in detail. Prospective students interested in these programs have a bright future ahead of them with the health care industry expected to grow over the next few years.

Q:While I was reading about Graceland University Degrees Information, I saw something about aid, how can I apply for financial aid?

A:You can apply for financial by simply filling out a FAFSA application. Federal aid is given to students who don't have the financial means to pay the high tuition costs and other educational expenses. If you too cannot afford higher education, you are eligible for aid. The application is available online at

Q:Can you give some Graceland University Degrees Information for undergraduates?

A:Graceland University offers a wide range of undergraduate degree programs. These are offered in the following areas: accounting, athletic training, English, basic science, economics, psychology, wellness program, liberal studies, history, performance studies, film and theater, chemistry, publication, web design, organizational leadership, criminal justice, business administration, information technology, recreation, performance studies, and elementary education.

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