Franklin University

Franklin University

Established in 1902, Franklin University has the honor of not only being the oldest but one of the largest private universities in the U.S. state of Ohio. Over a period of more than hundred years, the university has improved beyond recognition to become a cutting-edge institution powering countless individuals each year through its state-of-the-art programs tailored for working adults. Furthermore, distance education is a strong feature of the university and Franklin University online degrees are convenient and extremely student friendly for soldiers, veterans, people with jobs, and stay-at-home mothers.
Scope of Franklin University Online Programs
Franklin University online degrees are especially customized for people who cannot travel for on-campus classes such as members of the American military posted to different locations all over the world. Hence, it is no surprise that it is considered among the top military friendly colleges of the country. Moreover, the online programs are not only affordable but have myriad options available so that students get the maximum chance to explore their potential. The undergraduate level Franklin University online degrees range from Accounting to Computer Science, from Criminal Justice to Marketing, from Applied Psychology to Nursing, etc. The graduate programs are available in all popular fields of study such as Computer Science, Accounting, and Business Administration, to name a few.
Major Features of Franklin University Online Degrees
Franklin University online programs are perfect for realizing the dream of people who were previously bounded by their jobs or personal lives. Following are some benefits of pursuing an online degree at the university:

  • It is affordable and no funds are required for traveling or housing.
  • The hours are extremely flexible; hence, you can juggle your job or family commitments with your education quite comfortably.
  • Online education actually prepares you better for your professional life. You learn to interact with students from different backgrounds and countries and you use the latest modes of electronic communication for doing this task; the modern technical and global organizations treasure this training in their prospective employees.
  • Armed with just a computer and an internet connection, you can study in your own time and at your own pace; hence, there are greater chances of achieving higher grades.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are some of the Franklin university bachelor programs offered?

A:Franklin University offers students a number of bachelor programs. These programs are divided into arts, sciences and technology, health and public administration and business programs. Students interested in applying in any of these categories are recommended to look at our website or the Franklins University official website for detailed information about the course content and the number of credits.

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