Suntrust Student Loans

Suntrust student loans are private student loans. They are designed for students who want to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs. A Suntrust student loan allows you to have money for tuition as well as other related expenses on easy terms and conditions.

Types of Suntrust Student Loans
Suntrust student loans include federal as well as private loans. You can apply for federal loans such as Stafford loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized). The government is responsible for paying loan's interest in subsidized loans while in case of unsubsidized loans the borrowers have to manage it themselves. Subsidized Stafford loans are granted on the basis of need; Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are not based on need. Student loans Suntrust also include PLUS Loans. These loans are meant for the parents of the students who need financial help to enable their children pursue their educational goals.

Private Loans by this bank include options such as Academic Answer and Custom Choice Loan. The rate of interest of Academic Answer is variable. Custom Choice Loan, on the other hand, includes both fixed and variable interest rate.
Suntrust Student Loans for Undergraduate Students
If you want to pursue undergraduate programs you can find suitable Suntrust student loans. To apply for these loans you need to be a U.S citizen. It is also important to be at least half time enrolled in a program. These loans are offered at affordable interest rates and do not have any charged fee; the interest rate is fixed. You can begin returning the borrowed money 6 months after graduating. These types of loans usually allow you to borrow up to $100,000.
Suntrust Student Loans for Graduate Students
Graduate students can also get Suntrust student loans. To apply for these loan programs, you need to be a U.S citizen other than being half time enrolled in an institute. You can usually get upto $ 150,000 in these programs; the repayment starts 6 months after graduation. You can repay the borrowed money usually over a period of 15 years in these Suntrust bank student loans.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the eligibility criterion for a custom choice loan at the suntrust bank student loans?

A:Custom Choice student loans are available to those undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at least half time in a title four eligible program at an eligible institution. Students who apply for the loans must be legal age of majority or at least seventeen years of age with a cosigner who is legal age of majority. Some of the students will need a credit worthy cosigner to qualify.

Q:Searching for Suntrust loans for students, I came across custom choice loans. What can you tell me about it?

A:Suntrust loans for students are a smart choice if you do not have federal loans option. Custom choice loans offer flexible terms of payment that includes immediate, interest only, partial interest repayment and full deferment. It also gives two interest rates options, namely the variable and fixed rates, each has its own pros and cons.

Q:As I went through the Suntrust student loans review, there was mention of the course on Business Communications. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Business Communications while going through the Suntrust Student Loans Review. This course usually is worth 2 credits. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the basic principles of the communications that are needed in a business environment. Students are also given hands on experience in this course.

Q:What are the benefits of suntrust student loan consolidation?

A:SunTrust is one of the most popular private student loan providers and its loans are available to students in their graduate or undergraduate degree programs. Some of the best features of getting your loans consolidated by SunTrust are because: SunTrust consolidates loans from one or multiple private student loan(s) from any lender, even existing loan consolidations qualify for refinancing from it. However, federal student loans are not eligible to be consolidated within this program.

Q:Can I get a fixed interest rate on suntrust student loans consolidation?

A:Yes if you are consolidating a loan through SunTrust student loan consolidation you can avail a fixed rate of interest. The advantage of this is that you will be sure about the amount of monthly payment each month which will help you with budgeting. In addition to this you can also avail fixed interest rate even if the interest rates in the economy are rising.

Q:Is it easy to search for suntrust student loans reviews online?

A:Yes, you can easily search for suntrust student loans reviews online. The internet provides you the opportunity to search for info0rmation without even having to step out of your home. There are a number of websites that offer reviews about this loan. All you have to do is start clicking away to find whatever kind of information you are looking for.

Q:Does the SunTrust Bank offers private education loans?

A:Yes, SunTrust offers a wide range of loans to student in need of financial assistance. These are designed for undergraduate student and graduate students. You can also seek help through consolidation programs here which are designed to help make loan repayment easier for student. take a look at our page for detail.

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