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Everest College is located in Phoenix Arizona.  Offering short-term career programs, Everest College Phoenix can help students obtain a quality education required to find rewarding jobs in today’s competitive marketplace. The college is well-known for its extraordinary programs that combine classroom instruction with hands-on career education essential to pursue thriving careers.

Everest College Phoenix Online Programs

In addition to traditional degrees, Everest College also offers a wide array of online programs. Students who cannot attend campus-based programs can enroll in online degrees and gain valuable credentials in the fields of their choice from the comfort of their homes. The college offers students the opportunity to get their degrees anytime, anywhere, helping them maintain the balance between their personal and professional lives.

Undergraduate programs are available in a variety of fields such as accounting, business, medical assistant, medical insurance billing and coding and nursing. In addition to business and healthcare degrees, Everest also offers various criminal justice programs in online format. These include the associate and the bachelor’s degrees in criminal investigations, criminal justice, and paralegal.

The college has also partnered with Quick Start, a leading IT training firm, to offer several IT programs such as Windows Server, SharePoint Server, Windows and Visual Studio to name a few options.


Everest College has skilled instructors with wide experience and strong academic backgrounds. Their years of experience helps students gain valuable gems from their lives that take them a step forward from mere text books learning. The faculty makes sure that students achieve their individual goals and benefit from a life a rich learning experience by paying them personal attention and guiding them in all their educational and professional pursuits.


Everest College Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to grant associate and bachelor’s degrees. The accreditation of an institute stands as a proof of its academic excellence and quality of education and Everest College meets all the standards. It means that students can expect to obtain a quality education in a field of their choice that would help them pursue a promising career.

The Benefits of Everest College Phoenix Online Degrees

Pursuing an online education at Everest College can help students have multiple benefits. As the classes are highly flexible, learners can study at schedule that suits their individual routine, which in turn allows them to pay attention to their other responsibilities. They can continue to work full-time while going to school.

The friendly and supportive learning environment helps students learn in an effective manner. They can take part in group activities and interact with other students and instructors from the comfort of their homes. The diverse student community helps learners enrich and broaden their academic experience.

The flexible, interactive online programs at Everest College Phoenix can particular very suitable for working professionals wanting to switch careers as they makes it possible to balance work, school, and family.

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