Erikson Institute

Erikson Institute

Erikson institute is the nation’s leading school of childhood development and childhood education. It was established in 1966 by a group of child advocates who believed in helping children. According to the Erikson Institute programs information, it is currently the only institution that offers graduate and post graduate degrees only in this field of study. Erikson Institute focuses o preparing individuals to become professionals in healthcare sector of infants, and help to improve the generations of tomorrow.

Erikson Institute Degrees Information
The institute offers masters degree programs, doctorate programs, and certificate programs to students. The areas offered for study include child development, social work, mental health, administration and infancy, clinical social work, and bilingual languages. The degree programs are uniquely designed to offer students a more realistic and practical approach towards their chosen field of interest. Much of the courses work is research based, and allows students to expand their boundaries and think out of the box. Erikson institute focuses on developing professional skills and analytical skills amongst students.

Faculty at Erikson institute
The faculty at Erikson institute comprises of renowned lecturers and experts in child development. They are highly qualified and are certified by The Medical and Legal Community, Congressional Communities, and Advocacy Organizations.

Admissions and Student Life At Erikson Institute
Students who wish to start a career in childhood development can attain qualifications from this institute; admissions are easy and hassle free. Students enrolled at Erickson institute enjoy a friendly learning environment where they develop into strong professionals and strong human beings. The institute holds frequent seminars, workshops, conferences, trips, and job fairs that keep the students aware and updated of the child development occupation. Erikson Institute reviews from students have shown that the institute has helped them in achieving their goals and dream careers.

Financial assistance
Erikson institute helps students in paying for their education through various financial programs. These include grants, scholarships, and federal student loans.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:My search for Erikson institute degrees information mentioned M.S. in Early Childhood Education. What are some of the specialized courses are included in this program?

A:There is a possibility of M.S. in Early Childhood Education being mentioned when searching for Erikson institute degrees information. This program includes a number of specialized courses. Some of the courses included are Assessment of New Language Learners, Language Development in New Language Learners, Foundations of American Schooling and Bilingual Education, Emergent Literacy with New Language Learners and Methods and Materials for Teaching New Language Learners.

Q:Searching for Erikson Institute programs information mentioned MS in Child Development Administration. What courses are included in this program?

A:MS in Child Development Administration would be mentioned when searching for Erikson Institute programs information. The core courses included in this program are Adult Education and Supervision, Child Assessment, Family and Culture, Research Methods, Physical Growth and Development and Cognition Development. Students interested in this program are recommended to search our website for more information.

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