Empowered UCLA Extension

Empowered UCLA Extension

The Empowered UCLA Extension is an innovative learning platform that is the product of a partnership between Empowered and UCLA extension. These programs are being targeted to help adults – specifically those from the ‘baby boomer’ generation – to continue contributing to today’s market. As a means of developing their skills further and helping them achieve their career goals, the Empowered UCLA Extension online programs are proving extremely effective.

The regular duration of any course is between nine months to a year. Upon successful completion, the certificate you receive is recognized in professional circles as a proof of your ability. There are several different areas which these courses focus on, such as:

Why should I sign up?

For starters, the Empowered UCLA Extension online programs have been designed keeping specifically those adults in mind who fear becoming redundant in the workplace. As a result, the skills you will be taught are going to be very contemporary and allow you to keep at pace with the growth of the market, safeguarding your career as well. For adults who have been involved within an industry for decades and fear that the level of technology and sophistication will leave them behind, there is now less reason to worry.

Secondly, these programs are taught via lessons uploaded online. When you enroll into a program, you are introduced to an online community of like-minded individuals, and this greatly enhances the quality of your learning experience. You work together to solve problems, and learn a great deal extra via your constant interaction. Because these courses are being taught via the internet, there is no need to worry about accessibility. In fact, having a dedicated application on your iPad does the trick! Another great reason to consider is that along with the courses being taught, the Empowered UCLA Extension online programs also offer career counseling services. Using these, you can identify your strengths in a particular field, and choose courses that will help you develop these to a greater degree. The learning flexibility afforded to you by these programs is not available via any other program on the market. The best part is that by choosing a UCLA Extension program over a graduate degree, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and money while retaining the value of the education.

Career Prospects

Having a skill set that’s relevant to a chosen career is important if you want to continue going forward within a specific field. For older adults, transitioning to a new field is also difficult. However, with the certificates awarded to you by the Empowered UCLA Extension Online Programs, you can have greater confidence in your abilities. Many hiring managers and recruiters say that having an industry-specific professional certificate can act as a substitute for work experience. Project management, financial advising, and Creativity are becoming more lucrative with time, and with the backing of UCLA Extensions’ program with you, entering these fields will become significantly easier.

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