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About Dominican University

Located in River Forest, Illinois, Dominican University is a prestigious institute dedicated to provide high-quality education. It is a tradition of academic excellent that helps students realize their dream of a higher education in the best possible manner. The university is committed to providing holistic adult growth and development. One of its core values is to address the needs of society by means of teaching. Since 1901, Dominican University has been providing top-notch learning opportunities to students with diverse goals. It aspires to be a leading, Catholic, teaching university with an enrollment of four thousand learners.

Each degree program of the Dominican University is built on a solid foundation that integrates the core values of meticulous scholarship and shared leadership. These programs help students pursue truth and give back to the society in an effective manner.


Dominican University is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Its undergraduate and graduate programs have the approval of the Illinois State Board of Education. It is also affiliated with some of the most well recognized organizations such as American Council on Education, Council of Independent Colleges, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities and Associated Colleges of Illinois.


Dominican University’s faculty is one of its major assets. They include professionals with wide experience and insight in their fields. They also have earned a number of honors including the esteemed Samuel Kirk Special Educator of the Year from the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Learning from nationally recognized experts can certainly boost the confidence of students and prepare them to meet the challenges of real world in an effective manner.

Dominican University Online Programs

Dominican University’s distance learning programs are ideal for learners who want to pursue higher education in a flexible way. Using the latest learning technologies, the university empowers students around the world to study online and benefit from quality education. It makes sure that online learning is made as effective for students as regular education programs by means of its state-of-the-art e-learning system. This system enables students to be a part of a multimedia environment where they can study at their convenience without disrupting their busy schedule. Each online course is carefully designed to maximize students’ interaction with students and instructors. Learners can participate in group discussions and other activities and enjoy themselves more than they ever did in a traditional classroom environment.

Students seeking a career in education can greatly benefit from online programs offered by Dominican University. Offering dynamic features such as online chat rooms, streaming video and message boards, students get real-time interaction that maximizes their learning experience.

Types of Online Programs

Students can choose from an array of online programs offered by Dominican University. These include bachelors as well as master’s degrees in education, legal

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