Concordia University Online

Concordia University Online

Located in Portland, Oregon, Concordia University is a private institute for higher education. Established as a preparatory school in 1905, the university has strong religious roots and has gone through a number of transformations throughout its existence. It is situated on an urban campus, the university has more than 2,000 students enrolled various academic programs. The university specializes in educational leadership and technical programs. It also assists students with a comprehensive distance learning program which is designed for convenience and practicality.

Why Concordia University Online?
Concordia University has successfully combined the latest technology available with a comprehensive curriculum in order to help students around the world. The university provides a number of features such as ‘Cohorts’, ‘Blackboard’ and online learning toolbox which forms the basis of the Concordia University online educational experience. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Concordia University online program also offers

  • Discussion Boards
  • Constant contact with instructors and other students
  • Live video lessons
  • Hear Me voice conversations
  • Resource Download Options

One of the biggest reasons for selecting Concordia University is its retention rate. More than 80% of the students who are enrolled in Concordia University online programs complete their education. In addition to this, the age of students at Concordia ranges from 20 to 60, which is evidence of its universal appeal and is an accomplishment on its own.

Concordia University Online Programs
Although distance learning is a fairly new concept in education, it has become quite popular among adult students since its introduction. One of the biggest advantages of Concordia University online degrees is that it allows students to study at their own pace and convenience. This not only helps students retain more but also allows them to pursue their daily routine. These programs are particularly useful for students who find conventional education impractical. The flexibility associated with Concordia University online is one of the main reasons why a large majority of adult students are interested in this form of education. With the help of distance learning programs, Concordia University has successfully incorporated its century old values with the requirements of the 21st century.

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