Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University

A leading university in America, Colorado Christian University emphasizes excellence in its academic programs. It is well-recognized for fostering strong student academic achievement by means of its quality educational programs and highly proficient and experienced faculty.

Since 1914, the university has been offering extraordinary learning opportunities to students with diverse career goals. At present, CCU offers over 50 accredited degrees including certificates for traditional undergraduate, adult and graduate students.
Colorado Christian University believes in the integration of faith and learning. This distinctive integration of spiritual formation and academic achievement prepares graduates to discover the higher meaning of life and pursue their educational and professionals objectives. Students at Colorado Christian University can benefit from undergraduate and graduate curriculum in a scholarly environment that fosters professional competence and academic excellence.
The University seeks to provide learners the flexibility to personalize their programs of study. It also gives students a chance to take part in an array of enriching co-curricular educational opportunities. As CCU encourages personal interactions between faculty and students, its class size has been kept small, enhancing the learning process.

Colorado Christian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Its master of arts in counseling is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, while the School of Music has been approved by the National Associate of Schools of Music

Colorado Christian University Programs
Colorado Christian University offers a plethora of undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can pursue a degree in accounting, biblical studies, management, finance, journalism and mass media, leadership, political science, psychology and more
A number of learning technologies are employed in the Colorado Christian University programs that facilitate the learning process and make sure that students obtain knowledge and skills in an engaging and effective manner. The classes are interactive, helping students broaden their knowledge base and understanding in the best possible manner.

Online Programs
CCU also offers online programs with flexible schedule that fits student life. These programs focus on one class at a time and allow students to attend classes from the comfort of their homes. Students can log in any time, at their convenience, to participate in discussions, view their instructors’ presentations, and submit their weekly assignments.

The faculty at Colorado Christian University is dedicated to help learners turn their dreams of a higher education and a promising career into a reality. The teachers not only have the proficiency but also the real-world experience for imparting education to the students in an effective manner. The instructors prepare students to take up real-life challenges and excel in their respective fields by their life enriching experiences and insight.

Financial Aid
Colorado Christian University makes sure that every student avails financial assistance so that it can share the students’ financial burden, helping them focus on their educational goals. Funds are available in the form of various packages such as federal scholarships/grants, state scholarships/grants, student loans and more. Through these financial aid packages, CCU students can manage their tuition, fee and related costs.

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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What is the advantage of studying at Colorado Christian University in comparison to other universities?

A:The Colorado Christian University is distinctive due to the emphasis on Christian values, teaching the students the best of modern sciences as well as taking care of the moral building.

Q:What is the Alumni Association at the Colorado Christian University?

A:The idea of the Colorado Christian University Alumni Association is to promote and grow the spirit of an ongoing Christian community for graduates of Colorado Christian University (and other schools and colleges that merged with the CCU). There are numerous benefits attached to this association of the alumni.

Q:Does the Colorado Christian University Medical School offer scholarships?

A:The Colorado Christian University Medical School offers scholarship to eligible students. These scholarships are on academic and need base. It is advised to apply well before the due date to maximize your chances of approval.

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